Anchor validation whitelist process

I was directed here by Anchor Discord. Can I ask what are the requirements and the process to get whitelisted to be an Anchor validator for bLuna staking?

The only document that I have seen online is this one.

But it doesn’t provide details on the process.

Hi, thank you for your interest! We had an application form for the initial onboarding from which we whitelisted the most suitable organizations. An upgrade to Lido for Terra (bLUNA) is in the works. Around the time when this goes live (within the next 1-3 months), it is likely we will have a second onboarding wave where new operators can apply.

In general, the Lido node operator governance is still evolving, we have written up a bunch of our decision making criteria here: Node Operator Sub Governance & New Node Operator Application Process - #4 by FelixLts

In the near future, we will formalize it some more and document that.

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Fantastic. I’ll be looking forward to the next round listing. Thanks.