Banning substantial amount of deposit for a while

Hello community.

Recent deppeging issue of stETH is very bad for Lido.

Celsius may be liquidated easily if attacker want to attack pool, with only $200million ETH is left. That means even 30~50million dollor stETH may cause break of the pool, and may cause severe liquiation cascade, which really appeals to the attacker.

I’m sure that most VCs with large capital have no merit of attack, with a lot of stETH in their hand. They not gonna want the dip depeg. But even if they don’t sell, if attacker deposit a lot of ETH in Lido, they can still get enough amount of stETH to attack.

I’m sure that substantial amount of deposit of ETH will have to be banned for a while (like more than 12ETH/transaction) , in order for potential attacker not to get enough stETH.

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