Candidate Proposal for Head of Legal and General Counsel


A proposal to engage Eric Hill aka @rotorless as Head of Legal and General Counsel for Lido, including proposed duties, qualifications, and oversight.

You can find the original role proposal here.


Lido identified the desirability of having its own in-house lawyer.

Rotorless has been the de facto outside general counsel for Lido for the past 4 months. During that period, he has stood out and impressed us. He has a comprehensive understanding of our goals and needs, and his advice is to the point, operational, and business minded. We witnessed and benefitted from his extensive global network of contacts. Key, he demonstrated that he works well with the Lido team and shares the spirit of the Lido project.

He is a highly qualified candidate who is respected and knows his way around Web3 and we believe would excel in this role.

Qualifications & Experience

We believe Rotorless’ skills, experience and qualifications make him an ideal candidate for the role of Head of Legal and General Counsel for the Lido DAO. You can find his LinkedIn profile here.

He is a proven, credible, and sought-after DAO lawyer and blockchain project start-up advisor. He has experience working with unincorporated bodies and the laws of unincorporated associations. He has worked with DAOs to resolve their unique legal obstacles, including in the areas of contracting, payroll, structuring, GDPR, privacy, trademark, AML, and regulatory compliance. Additionally, he has worked with the tokenization of hard assets, fractionalizing real estate, P2E gaming, and the NFT spaces. He brings with him a worldwide personal network and access to crypto resources from accounting to banking to legal professionals to community managers.

Rotorless is also a seasoned governance professional and an advocate for decentralization. When he is not practicing law, he has advised on the decentralization pathway of a major POS chain, the product design of ZK roll-up applications and next-generation DAO tooling. He is a regular speaker at IRL events like Crypto Nexus, DAO Denver, DAO Planet, and podcasts, and he has given DeFi workshops to educate executives from global financial institutions, government agencies, and political offices.

You can find him on Telegram @rotorless.


He can be removed from the DAO through a simple governance process at any time if the results are not in keeping with expectations.


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hi @rotorless

question for u - what is the legal liability of the people that lead the DAO that lost $50 million USD bc they effectively took a long position on ethereum at $4,000 USD after vitalik publicly sold $70 mm usd of eth

perhaps misconduct, malfeasance and the like?

@cobie please explain how taking a long position in eth at $4,000 is not an on chain hedge fund? eth is incredibly volatile, and 0.00% of the $ was converted to stable coin. so the $ was kept in the most volatile asset. sir plz explain.

how is this not mismanagement of funds? why should the current leadership get to stay in this role after they give $70 mm of LDO at a discount to “value add investors” that really have done nothing, but then that $70 mm is actually only worth $20 mm … lose lose situation

so mr @rotorless, what can be done about this? i hold .1% of the total supply of LDO that i bought on the open market. their should be some sort of repercussions, right?

OR are your incentives misaligned bc the people that are leading the charge to hire you are the people that engaged in this misconduct … and they effectively control the DAO so they will not vote to harm themselves, when they have proven to be really terrible managers of capital … like wow ya know? would be great to see their personal accounts and how much they sold there to stable coin or fiat

please let me know if anything in this post is not based in absolute fact

briefly, mr @rotorless, i graduated law school top of my class, editor of law review, worked at top law firm in nyc and now am a crypto whale

standing by and looking forward to righting this dumpster fire of a ship