Candidate Proposal for Head of Marketing & Community Role


A proposal to engage AD (pseudonym) as Head of Marketing and Community for Lido, including proposed duties, qualifications and oversight.

You can find the original role proposal here.


As the market for liquid staking grows, with increasing competition across multiple blockchains, there is a need to firmly establish Lido as both the leading brand and community in this space. This requires a strategic approach to Marketing, Comms and community building. It also requires the definition of accurate metrics and measurement to ensure budgets are spent efficiently and we go after the right priorities.

Thus, a Marketing leadership role is needed for Lido. AD is a highly qualified candidate who we believe would excel in this role.

Qualifications & Experience

We believe AD’s skills, experience and qualifications make him an ideal candidate for the role of Head of Marketing and Community for the Lido DAO. He has chosen to remain pseudonymous publicly but is fully doxxed to more than one member of the DAO and has established a strong network in the Web3 space at IRL events such as EthDenver, Schelling Point etc

AD has over 15 years commercial experience at Director level in Marketing, Product Marketing and Growth roles at global (web2) companies. He has led global launch campaigns in multiple markets, grown services from launch to >$50B annual revenue and onboarded marketing teams in most major markets around the world to execute against a strategic plan. He has extensive experience in events and the live music streaming space and has worked on brand partnerships and integrations with companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

For the last 18 months he has been a web3 startup founder himself and so is well aware of the challenges and needs of a rapidly growing organisation and the unique philosophy of open, permissionless, community-centric projects.

You can find him on Twitter @AD_1508 or drop into our Discord to chat more.


AD will provide regular updates to the DAO through posts in the forum and can be removed from the DAO through a simple governance process at any time if the results are not in keeping with expectations.


I wanted to voice my support for AD as the best candidate for the position. During our multiple interactions and calls the past month it is clear AD has the experience and context needed to bring Lido as a brand to the next level.

I also believe that the newly added probationary period allows Lido to build the right relationships with new full time members to make sure it is a mutual longer term fit before either side commits long term being the nature of the Web 3 space with various personas.


Having had the chance to engage with AD over the last few weeks, it would be an understatement to say that I’m excited at the prospect of him officially joining the team.

Echoing Jacob’s thoughts, AD has not only a wealth of experience but also a great understanding of Lido’s culture and ethos. His thoughts on how to grow and enable our community are inspiring. Lido could definitely use AD’s deft touch to help further mature our presence and participation in the ecosystems that we inhabit, as well as helping us surface some of the amazing work that Lido teams already do internally.


I had the pleasure of speaking with AD earlier this week. He articulated the problems and outlined solutions for Lido with a granularity that would make you think he’s been working for the DAO for years. I’ll admit a short conversation provides only the smallest signal for the ability to execute but that signal was positive.


I am concluding my role as a contributor at the end of the month. Its been an honour and I wish Lido DAO every success in the future. AD


Thank you for all the contribution and hard work!