DAI Referral Program application Thread

This thread is for applicants to apply to the updated referral program using DAI as rewards for referrals

To apply please submit a comment with the following information:

  • Platform name
  • Background information
  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program
  • Ethereum address and if it is an externally owned account(EOA) or smart-contract(this will determine how payments are sent)

The referral committee will approve applicants based on the following criteria:

  • Protocols, institution, wallet providers, DAOs, influencers, developers
  • Doxxed accounts
  • High reputation in the Ethereum community
  • Expectation to drive meaningful amount of staked ETH to Lido
  • Publicly applied to this thread

The DAI referral program is open to all interested parties, but the DAO reserves the right to prioritize or restrict participation in the program.

All applications will be reviewed on a weekly basis. To check if you have been whitelisted look at our public report under “whitelist” tab.

How do I used my Referral address?

You’re referral URL will be “h ttps://stake.lido.fi/?ref=” + your whitelisted address.

For example, if your whitelisted address was 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 your referral URL would be “h ttps://stake.lido.fi/?ref=0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Protocol or website level integration is the same as previous referral programs. Please contact the Lido Referral channel for more support.

Claim your referral rewards at https://app.rhino.fi/claim/lido-rewards.

All referral activity is checked for abusive behavior defined in Lido’s terms and conditions. This can be updated at anytime at the discretion of the DAO. Abuse cases include:

  • Participant/Address directly or indirectly worsen the ETH:stETH peg in incentivized liquidity pools such as, for example, Curve ETH:stETH liquidity pool;
  • Participant/Address is involved in cycle staking — using the same amount of ETH to generate rewards multiple times (user sends ETH through Lido using a referral link, only to sell their stETH later for more ETH in order to repeat the whole process again and again);
  • Participant/Address removed liquidity from stETH/ETH pools (as it’s affecting price peg);
  • A suspicion that staked ETH are the proceeds of crime (e.g., hack).
  • Staking of ETH borrowed on lending/borrowing protocols (like Aave and others) is not eligible to be rewarded. This includes ETH that was bought with any other borrowed cryptocurrency (like DAI).

If you have questions please visit Lido dedicated referral channel on Discord.

To keep up to date on changes, votes, or payouts for Lido Referral Program please join Lido’s official announcement channel on Telegram.


Hi guys,

  • We are imToken
  • Asia’s biggest non-custodial wallet, and being the first wallet for Eth2 key generation on mobile
  • We have been in touch with the team and supporting Lido from the start, and feature Lido on imToken
  • EOA: 0x4de19d0d530e1a3f781030ef7950f9494b65cbe5

Hi all:

  • We are Echooo
  • Echooo is the best seedless smart contract wallet with social recovery capability, this innovative wallet product well balanced the web3 mobile user experience, investment efficiencies, and strong assets security, paving the way for mass adoption for both web3 as well as web2 customers.
  • We prepare to integrate Lido in Echooo and recommend it to users as the best staking way
  • EOA: 0xAA90BA75174508c43844636FBDd82Fb388255281




Hi team,

  • Cheers from ZenGo crypto wallet.
  • The most secured web 3 wallets, powered by MPC. over 700K users.
  • The teams are in touch. WE Intend to feature Lido, as one of the main staking solutions for our users.
  • EOA; the address will be provided at a later time.

Hi, Itamar from Argent here

  • Platform name: Argent
  • Background information: The most popular smart wallet on L1, zkSync and Starknet
  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program: 1-click staking for our users
  • EOA: 0xef8e1b4b676A5285db79d55d3288bC5FE65C71cc

Hi! Submitting my application.

  • Platform name:
    Johannes - Freedom Hacking

  • Background information:
    Crypto / DeFi tutorials with over 7k subscribers and 1,5 million views

  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program:
    Links in videos & Lido tutorial

  • Ethereum address and if it is an externally owned account(EOA) or smart-contract(this will determine how payments are sent).
    0x5505F7442fcBAD24F65265c422f8A055993815c4 - Externally-owned account (EOA)

Thank you!
/ Johannes


Hi Team,

Please consider our application for the whitelisting.

  1. Atomic Wallet https://atomicwallet.io
  2. Decentralised сrypto currency wallet that supports more than 500 coins and tokens, providing simplicity, safety, and convenience for its users.
  3. Our current user base is more than 4m users and continue to growing, we’re planning to enable them to stake with LIDO.
  4. 0xF07A4a4d2fDE367A55FaC93761ecc8181148b826


  • StakeBoard (https://www.stakepark.xyz/stakeboard)
  • StakeBoard is our in dev staking dashboard for beginners and pros alike. We also create content and guides to help people start staking and learn new web3 tricks, under the creed of “Stake or die!” at StakePark (https://www.stakepark.xyz)
  • We plan to feature Lido under “opportunities” inside the dashboard
  • stakepark.eth (0x7eF61746Afe06a04776Bd0BAe02Fe455625FEB6e) (EOA)

Hi everyone!

  • Criptonoticias
  • We are a digital newspaper dedicated to crypto in Spanish, been in the business since 2015.
  • We pretend to create content related to Lido and staking, here’s one we already did: Cómo hacer staking de Ethereum 2.0 con Lido
  • EOA: 0xe6fC0A4c118595426095d7214609Ad7c6F52A651

Hi Lido Team,

  • Platform name: Krypto Bob
    youtube channel to explain the Ethereum ecosystem to beginners in Germany.

  • Background information: i am a digital nomad and live from passive income by ETH staking with lido.

  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program: the referral link will be included in youtube videos.

  • Adress:

Thank you


GM! Please consider our application.

  • We are EscolaCripto

  • We are a Crypto Education media outlet founded in 2019 with the focus of teaching crypto the right way for the portuguese speakers. We have over 150k audience in our social media channels (@EscolaCripto) with the main audience in Brazil.


  • We intend to create video tutorials, put link in our videos and refer when asked how and where to stake ETH, SOL, MATIC and other coins.

  • Ethereum address:



Dear Lido team,

  • Platform name: Flooz and Flooz for Mobile (iOS/ Android)
  • Background information: Flooz is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallets labels. Gen-Z “curious” investors use Flooz to discover opportunities, perform due diligence, trade any digital asset, and track their portfolios with real-time data and alerts. It’s our vision to provide equal financial opportunities to everyone. To do so, we provide 1) financial literacy through data and 2) trading infrastructure to act on this knowledge.
  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program: At Flooz, users can buy ETH using on-ramp providers and trade ETH. We would like to offer a smooth staking UX to all our users that buy ETH but don’t necessarily trade it.
  • Ethereum address 0xE829F4c753a01556Cb22AD30ADeE6fDa04cA78F5

New applicants have been added!

To check if you have been added check out our public whitelist here: Ethereum Referral Program Public Report(DAI) - Google Sheets

And please join out telegram channel to keep up to date with payouts, changes, and announcements! Telegram: Join Group Chat

If you have questions please reach out to me:
telegram: Telegram: Contact @frontalpha
discord: frontalpha#0210

  • Platform name : LEDGER
  • Background information : LEDGER LIVE
  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program : LEDGER LIVE REFERRALS
  • Ethereum address and if it is an externally owned account(EOA) or smart-contract(this will determine how payments are sent) : UNCHANGED

Hello , I’m Pooria ,I’m a single developer and I’m locking for opportunities

I’d love to participate, with the following wallet:

ty all !

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  • Omni.app
  • Stake over 20 tokens in just 3 taps, right from your self-custodial wallet! Omni offers 25x faster staking and is Ledger compatible.
  • Omni currently offers in-app liquid staking via Lido, and we plan to continue offering these services.
  • 0x371240E80Bf84eC2bA8b55aE2fD0B467b16Db2be
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Submission of application

1.Platform name:SatoFunBlog-https://www.suzuki-sato.fun/

2.Background information: I operate a blog specializing in Web 3.0 information.

3.How do you plan to use the Lido referral program: I will continue to introduce Lido on my blog. I will advertise the charm of Lido in Japan.

4.Ethereum address(EOA): 0xb27dFb9aFE2a8a8c0Ab5437E21da9728e77B4274

I will contribute to the success and development of the Lido project.
Thank you.

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Dear Lido Referral Committee,

I am writing this application to participate in the updated referral program using DAI as rewards for referrals. I am part of the Solidity Developer Community, which is the biggest community of developers and a jobs marketplace. Our community has about 10,000 users who are involved in the Ethereum ecosystem.

I believe that our community would benefit from the Lido referral program and help drive meaningful amounts of staked ETH to Lido. As a community of developers, we are always interested in new projects and initiatives in the Ethereum space, and I believe that Lido will be a valuable addition to our community’s knowledge base.

My Ethereum address is 0x7D0E096c7cC8294c6ff344313565d1363F58B136 and it is an externally owned account. I look forward to your approval and participating in the referral program.

Thank you for considering my application.

Andrei Zolin

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  • We are DappRadar
  • DappRadar is a World’s Dapp Store that helps users to discover, track & trade everything DeFi, NFT and Gaming
  • DappRadar has around 1 mln. MAU. We’re going to send a lot of targeted traffic to Lido.
  • EOA - 0x570138D6450E9430E92a9f56718f52FF6FF8D343
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  • We are Coin Gabbar
  • Coin Gabbar is a crypto information and research marketplace tends to serve news, information, prices charts, tutorials, articles, and blogs at one place. Coin Gabbar offers comprehensive market coverage, analysis, expert opinions, and a variety of financial tools for the Crypto Domain
  • We have 5 million visitors in December 2022. We have 100k+ registered users and 50K+ App download. Also got an engaging community of 50K on our social media.
  • 0xF2D8487088e747EA4f6FeCe37A6d195521C2F26A
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