Integrate Automatic User Notifications like Aave?

Hey Everyone,

This is a initial step in creating a proposal to add a “user notification” feature for Lido users, similar to what Aave has added. The purpose of this initial post is to:

  1. Get general feedback from the community
  2. Identify which on-chain events are valuable to monitor and trigger notifications
  3. Determine how users would want to be alerted (email, telegram, etc).

Hal Notify is Web3’s most popular Notification notification service. We have front-end integrations with Aave, Liquity, Snapshot, and many other dapps. Our mission is to improve the Web3 user experience by providing end-users a seamless ability to set alerts and get customizable notifications on the Web2 platform of their choosing.

As one of the most important players in the Eth2.0 Ecosystem, Lido’s users are a natural area of interest for us. While we are not experts on Lido, we are experts on how helpful providing these notifications can be for development teams, users, and DAO votes.

We are interested in exploring a potential integration with Lido, if users in this community see value in receiving Lido-related notifications.

Rather than manufacturing a need, our team would rather hear from you first before crafting the formal proposal.

As such, your feedback is requested, read, and appreciated (even if you say NO!)

Why hal

  1. We are trusted by industry leading protocols including Aave and currently support over 20,000 users with Web3 Notifications.

  2. Users are able to seamlessly deploy automated notifications to the destination of their choosing, with messages of their choosing, in a minute, without downloading a native app.

  3. We can support any EVM chain that Lido operates on.

How it’s Used

For best results, the UX Flow goes like this: User logs into dapp front-end, interacts with dapp, clicks a button with the hal Logo, goes to, programs the notification result, deploys, and is done.

Here’s an example of how it looks with Aave!


The back-end integration related to event monitoring and subsequent notifications actions are all implemented by the team at Hal. Sometimes, we also support the integrated dapp with front-end modifications for the notification button, but generally it is best of the dapp’s front-end team handles that.

Integration takes between 2-4 weeks for development, QA, review, and finalization.

The cost for integration is quite low, and will be quoted once this submission receives community feedback if there is interest in the first place.

Desired Outcome

Our mission is to improve Web3 user experience by filling the need for alerts delivered on Web2 platforms. So far, Aave, Snapshot, and many other dapps have integrated our tool to the delight of those users. We hope to make using Lido easier, more seamless, and fun.

Thank you
For your time in reading and responding to this.

Christopher Kocurek
CGO at


Hey @Christopher_Kocurek! Thank you for such a detailed overview of the Hal Notify!

Concept of the real time notifications about on-chain events for the end users is really important and useful. In Lido we’ve been discussing this feature some time ago. The gist is - at the current state of Lido and ETH staking (no withdrawals) there are not much things happening on-chain that Lido users can be notified about. Basically it is only daily Oracle report and stETH balance rebase. But this is pretty common event and each Lido user can se stETH balance increase in the wallet with no need for additional notification (reports are even and happen at the same time each day).

After the withdrawals will be available (EIP-4895: Beacon chain push withdrawals as operations) Lido can use Hal Notify to allow users get notifications of their withdrawal request being fulfilled and ready for claim.

I think we’ll take a closer look and think about other possible user notifications.


There’s an option to hook up governance stuff to hal, does it make sense?

We have a very strong suite of alerts open-sourced by Lido, maybe some of that make sense to adapt by HAL?


More on that.
Here is a repo - GitHub - lidofinance/alerting-forta: Forta Detection bots for Lido
And here anyone can subscribe to the Lido Forta bots alerts Forta.

Hey @dgusakov thank you for the excellent context. That makes a lot of sense. From what I understand, once a user has staked ETH on Lido, on-chain activity is basically nil until the Shanghai update allows for withdrawals, while the daily Oracle stEth balance rebase really doesn’t need a custom alert. I love Forta for threat detection btw.

@vsh One thing I really liked about Lido’s policy system is the multi-step governance with a rubric to proceed (hence I took a while here to open up dialogue). Hal’s second most popular utility is engaging users with Governance events or alerting to on-chain activity as a consequence of the governance.

One thing that may be a really obvious thing to propose would be for the Lido admins on Snapshot to enable the Hal Plugin. We support notifications for new events, their timing, and outcomes directly thru Snapshot. Lido users could stand to benefit already just by enabling Hal Notifications in your Snapshot portal.

In the bottom right, you can see our integration. Sushiswap enabled us for their Snapshot page.

Would enabling that Snapshot notification feature be a governance proposal cycle as well or is that lower-threshold?

I’m going to chat with my team some once they recover more from the World Cup about what you two have discussed already and would appreciate other people chiming in!

Hey all!
I’m Mélen, I’m also on the HAL team and wanted to hear more about that idea of hooking up HAL to Governance.
lido runs it’s Governance on Aragon if I’m not mistaken, so governance notifications would be exactly in the realm of what we do.

I’m not sure how big participation is on that specific Governance portal but I’m sure notifications can help with it.

As for post-Shanghai notifications, we can definitely see use-cases for withdrawal claimable events!

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It would be great to see examples of these notifications

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Most definitely! We have that system working for Snapshot, the Aragon system would be similar from a UX perspective, the user would receive a notification (either DM or in the general Lido Discord depending on the need)
We have an example in our discord for Snapshot that looks like this.

For Aragon I know we looked into it in the past and found no technical issue implementing it and we’d be thrilled to work with Lido to make those Governance notifications available for the overall community