LDO+stETH dual governance (continuation)

Thanks for the update @skozin! One of the things I look forward the most is the implementation of governance for stETH holders; and I hope other staking protocols follow suit.

After a few weeks thinking through this, I’d love for the DAO and protocol contributors to also consider the inclusion of onchain delegation and a program to attract professional delegates to contribute to Lido. This goes in line with @Hasu’s GOOSE submisssion Goal #1 by bringing a more diverse set of voices with experience all over the Ethereum ecosystem, while potentially even compensating them with $LDO, slowly making the set of token holders bigger and ensuring they’re aligned parties.

This can be started with something as simple as a program to incentivise delegation on Snapshot, and then implementing it at the onchain level if the DAO deems it appropiate.

Anyways, I’m commenting here to signal my support for dual governance, while also hoping to get folks to think about a third layer of governance protection. I hope to write a longer post to expand the discussion on delegation soon, and any initial thoughts here would be very much appreciated.