LDO token economics - connecting all chains

It is clear that we are going multi chain and bridges are a major attack surface

the cosmos SDK (tendermint) allows for assets to become cross chain without a bridge and also enables an average dev to spin up a PoS blockchain using cosmos hub for security

while cosmos is attempting to be the cross chain blockchain, the issue they have is with business development and not technology - instead of getting the customers first, they did the build it and they will come model, which has not really worked out to date

whereas LDO has started with the customer first and has become the #1 TVL for ethereum and provides liquid staking services for all major chains

currently the only type of token economics that the market respects is security for the L1 blockchain layer, e.g. PoS token staking provides security to the underlying L1

there is no other successful token economic model

governance is a joke and results in massive dumping (see every defi project including ldo yay!, dump on me)

LDO is in the unique position to connect all chains and become the chain of chains, significantly over a TAM of $1 trillion, all then all those assets are liquid as well, using $LDO to pay fee on the LDO chain which serves as a base layer to connect all the other chains and then the st[Assets] are used as collateral on the LDO chain for LDO chain defi

there will be over 100,000,000 LDO tokens left in the community pool which can be allocated to staking rewards

from a tech perspective, its very doable using the cosmos SDK

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