Lido on Ethereum: Call for Relay Providers

Hey all, the bloXroute team has shared with you guys a few times about the validator gateway and we had some node operators asking for the green light from Lido to test it out.

Our validator gateway uses two components, a relay-proxy and a BDN hosted gateway. The relay-proxy acts as an additional relay on mev-boost/vouch startup arguments while the BDN gateway is a peer for the consensus and execution layers.

Here is the code for our relay proxy: GitHub - bloXroute-Labs/mev-relay-proxy
Here is the code for our BDN Gateway: GitHub - bloXroute-Labs/gateway
Here are the docs for the validator gateway: Validator Gateway - bloXroute Documentation
Here is more info about the validator gateway: Introducing the Validator Gateway: Boost Your Ethereum Validator Rewards - bloXroute

Please let me know if there is any information you need from us regarding this!