Lido on Ethereum Node Operator Merge Readiness Assessment


As a part of our Merge readiness planning Lido conducted a high-level survey of the 29 Lido on Ethereum Node Operators (NOs) regarding their preparation for the upcoming Ethereum merge.

Lido currently intends to test the merge with our entire Ethereum operator set during the Goerli/Prater merge. We also expect all of our operators to have conducted testing on at least one additional testnet (e.g. Kintsugi, Kiln, Ropsten, Sepolia) or mainnet shadowfork (i.e. have tested their validator setups at least twice, and undergone an actual merge at least once).


The following results were collected during the month of June with full participation from Lido on Ethereum operators.

Overall the Ethereum node operator set has already begun to prepare for the merge with 67% of operators having participated in some form of merge testing. 100% of the operators have agreed to test the Goerli/Prater merge using the official Lido testnet process, with all currently operating or in the process of re-syncing Goerli/Prater nodes through the Lido Node Operator Registry.

Lido has also coordinated with the Ethereum Foundation to make the permissioned Sepolia testnet accessible to Node Operators interested in participating in the next official testnet merge.

Demonstrating the preparation of the Lido on Ethereum operator set, all operators have agreed to test the merge at least twice and 50% of operators plan to test the merge at least three times. Of note, 17% of operators plan to test the merge seven times, highlighting one of the benefits of the recently onboarded client teams during Ethereum Wave 4 Node Onboarding Round.

Q1: Your organization has participated in which of the the following merge simulations or testnets:

Q2: Your organization intends to participate in upcoming merge testing on:

Minimum Number of Tests Planned by Each Operator: