Lowering of Blockdaemon operator limit in Node Operator Registry to balance inflows


When Blockdaemon and Anyblock Analytics were added to the Lido NO Registry, they were two independent node operators. Some months following their addition, the two node operators merged their businesses. As a result, as far as the Lido protocol is concerned, the total validators they operate are since considered in aggregate. This means that together they run ~5646 validators. This aggregation has been reflected in consolidated reporting such as the VaNOM reports since the event, but in the node operator registry there are two entries because at technical level this is still the case.


Although there are operators who have less total keys than Blockdaemon currently, due to the way the on-chain staking allocator works, Blockdaemon will get keys allocated to it once these operators reach BD’s current used keys (~3346).

The proposal is to lower Blockdaemon’s key limit from 5850 to 3800 to avoid Blockdaemon being “overallocated to” before the newer cohort reaches Blockdaemon’s aggregate key total. Normally this could be done by the operator themselves via EasyTrack, but EasyTrack currently does not allow the lowering of a limit, only its increase. A value of 3800 is suggested as the on-chain vote would take time to execute and ending up in a scenario where the operator has more keys allocated than their limit is not desired. This does entail that some overallocation may happen, but it will comparatively be much less than otherwise.

Once the newert cohort has caught up to Blockdaemon, normal key limit increases via EasyTrack can be recommenced.


As discussed with Izzy, we agree as suggested above.


Voting has started and will last until Friday, February 24, 3:10 pm UTC.
The main voting phase, during which you can vote For and Against, will last 48 hours until February 23, 3:10 pm UTC
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