Mevpanda - Open Source statistics for mev-boost ecosystem


I am the creator of Mevpanda and want to present the idea of better tracking mev-boost rewards.

Dashboard tracks not only what relays promised, but also ETH delivered to validators. Builder profitability tracking is also available with profitability calculation per builder pub-key (instead of extra data, which can be spoofed by anyone).


Website is currently under development so data updates might be slow from time to time, but it should be fully production ready in a week or so.


Some new features are planned but I also take suggestions and feedback, so feel free to comment or create a Github issue in case of bugs.


Thanks for putting together this cool resource! LEGO was happy to provide a thank you grant as appreciation of the cool work already done.

How are you calculating the “overpromised blocks” exactly? That is definitely one are where I’ve also struggled as there’s often inconsistency across how builders pay out transactions and then the expected way to calculate value to the proposer (e.g. sometimes if there’s an additional transaction to/from the proposer fee recipient address within a block the “bid” may be incorrectly stated and that can lead to an over/under promise but in reality it’s an artifact of the bid calculation methodology vs potentially a false bid).


I am trying to cover all possible options to track delivery of the ETH to the validator, currently on production I handle 2 scenarios (and combinations of those as well):

  1. Coinbase = fee_receipent (when builder just sends everything to coinbase address, which is the validator fee_receipent address)
  2. Seperate transaction with promised reward (I track all transactions sent to validator fee_receipent)

There is a third scenario, which I am implementing right now (in testing at the moment) where parts of the promised reward are sent via internal transactions. For that I have implemented tracking of internal transactions and adding the value of those to the total Delivered ETH.

This will probably decrease the number of overpromised blocks, as some builders and bundle senders use this method a lot.

Hope this is clear enough, I will update the github repository as well when I finish testing this new script.