New EasyTrack motion setups with limits: RCC, PML, ATC; Gas funder; LEGO; reWARDS with limits

To support the process of continued decentralization towards a permissionless, contributor-driven DAO, Lido DAO has to carry on significant amount of operations. In order to separate operational concerns from strategic decisions, Lido DAO leverages EasyTrack Motions. With the current addition of payment Motions with limits (LIP-19), most of ops can be performed in a safer manner, limiting the total amount of funds the given committee can request through the EasyTrack in specific timeframe. While keeping the payments flow under pre-approved budget is committee’s responsibility, on-chain limits provide another safety measure.
Current operational structure for EasyTrack is:

We propose to set up bunch of new EasyTrack Motion factories & setups:

  1. reWARDS with limit of 6m LDO / month
  2. LEGO with limit of 1m LDO / quarter
  3. LEGO with limit of 1m DAI / quarter
  4. RCC DAI single-recipient payment processor with limit of 3m DAI/quarter
  5. PML DAI single-recipient payment processor with limit of 6m DAI / quarter
  6. ATC DAI single-recipient payment processor with limit of 1.5m DAI / quarter
  7. Gas funding ETH single-recipient payment processor with limit of 400 ETH / quarter

LEGO motions factory are to be switched off the EasyTrack immediately, and reWARDS ones are to be switched off the EasyTrack one vote after so not to disrupt the operations. Referral program would be changing the terms soon, and to be set up properly once those are settled. Node Operators staking limits factory doesn’t require any changes under the current proposal.

This proposal, if passed and executed, would bring the EasyTrack structure to:

Please, share your feedback, and stay tuned for the snapshot!


Note that the gas funder multisig would be getting significant higher rights (it’s own EasyTrack motion factory, yay!), so some brush-up would be required. We’ll be looking to take it to 3/5 setup, with the list of signers published by the process in the coming days (before the snapshot 100%)

The contracts have been deployed & set up — look into “proposed” ones in this list Deployed Contracts | Lido Docs

The audit is up as well: GitHub - lidofinance/audits

The onchain vote for switching those on is up to start tmrw


The Aragon vote is started: Lido DAO Voting UI
Note that due to technical reasons switching on the gas funder payment processor is left for the future

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