On Chain Hedge Fund at recommendation of @Cobie

Hi @cobie

can we have a vote that if eth breaks 2,000 eth-ish, we can sell a lot of Lido’s treasury eth to fund some run way? serious

also, what do u guys think about placing the treasury placing a $10 mm market buy order for LDO then bringing in one of the scum bag market makers to pump it from there ? and then selling 1 mm lido tokens at $20 per LDO ? kind of joking but not really

its steth in the treasury, and they dont want to put downwards pressure on steth/eth bc people stop staking eth and the protocol doesnt grow.

im down for selling a large amt of steth post merge when the ratio should be at 1, and doing this in place of the dragonfly deal.

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the original proposal by the ldo team was to sell 10 k eth to dai …

It has not been clearly detailed before, but the stETH is spoken for. Lido voted to self insure against slashing risk last year. Snapshot

stETH is generally only available for financing Lido on a going forward basis, which was recently approved.


This is the treasury, right? i only see steth


Yes, don’t look at ERC tokens, there is 20,940 ETH in the wallet.

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ah totally forgot to look up in the ether value area when browsing, i went straight for the dropdown, my bad.

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