Proposal: CoinMarketCap Earn Campaign

Proposal to allocate 50,000 USD LDO equivalent to a CoinMarketCap Earn campaign to incentivise Lido ecosystem learning and to grow the community of LDO holders.

CoinMarketCap Earn enables cryptocurrency participants to receive project tokens for learning about a specific project. Users sit through a series of educational videos about a project and are presented with a quiz afterwards to earn a predetermined amount of tokens as a reward.

The Earn campaign would be complemented by additional collaboration with CoinMarketCap in the form of sponsored blog content, social media distribution and email distribution to enhance reach of campaign.

Reward suggestions (total reward for participant for successfully completing course + full marks on quiz)

  • 5 USD per participant β†’ 10,000 new LDO wallets
  • 10 USD per participant β†’ 5,000 new LDO wallets
  • 20 USD per participant β†’ 2,500 new LDO wallets
  • 50 USD per participant β†’ 1,000 new LDO wallets


  • Enhance awareness surrounding Lido and our liquid staking solution.
  • Grow quantity of Lido’s TVL through an improved understanding of the intricacies of liquid staking.
  • Grow the quantity of active Lido wallets.
  • Create high-quality educational video material for prolonged marketing use.


  • Reward amount of LDO for campaign: 50,000 USD equivalent
  • Production of video material (5 videos): 2,500 USD equivalent
  • Promotion of Earn campaign: 2,500 USD equivalent

Total cost: 55,000 USD equivalent


Do you know roughly how much % of the total supply would be allocated and distributed towards this campaign?

I think the cheapest reward would be the best option: more people learn about Lido, more people available to participate, more LDO divided amongst wallets, still high enough for users to want to participate.