Proposal for Lido Staking: $ETH Rewards for $LDO Stakers


Appreciate the proposal and governance participation. Love to see it.

On the main topic, it’s a similar proposal to this, which was freshly in the voting.

That proposal was similar to this which was discussed extensively under a year ago.

Personally think your proposal is a bit rushed and overly aggressive, which as a result, would impact multiple layers of the Lido software, DAO treasury, and the sustainability of the whole Lido ecosystem. As end result, it would have the opposite impact on LDO tokens compared to what the majority of holders expect.

Fee sharing at this stage is shooting over the target.

P.S. My first reaction would be to propose treasury LDO to be staked, which would be dominant in fee collection, so 0 sum game, too much effort, and a lot of drawbacks. :slight_smile: