Proposal to upgrade how staking rewards are shown to the user

Greetings, :wave:

I have created this topic to help Lido upgrade how they show the staking rewards to users. Right now how it is shown is way to Manuel to calculate the staking rewards… we need to upgrade to more user friendly way on how staking rewards are shown to the users.

This is a very BIG deal :exclamation:

votes YES :white_check_mark: to pass this proposal!

Have you seen Track your Ethereum staking rewards | Lido ? You can check out the exact amount of rewards for every stETH rebase there.

what about Matic & sol… those needs to be improved.


Hi Promethean,

interesting proposal. Thank you for the feedback. Will look into it with tech team on the weekly sync as it seems like a really nice to have feature.

Our current tech roadmap is release of protocol V2, DeFi landing page (with all the pools and APR’s displayed) and referral program contract level updates.

Depending on the development load and time we will see where this might fit on the roadmap.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this. As this is a VERY important factor for the user to know.


No problem, team has it in pipeline and will be done.
Will update the timeline here once I know it.

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