Referral Program Whitelisting [Ethereum]

thank you kind gentleman for recognizing me. my address is 0x9dE8335Eb1Dbb302EBfD994308DaeE67a14CC71b youll see how old that shit is

Hi Team,

I’d like to request for whitelisting with the address below for Lido referral


We have been liquid staking on Lido since few weeks back,
and would like to apply for the referral program.

Platform Name

Background Information
Cryptocurrency private fund operation

Help build awareness of Lido Finance through the referral program & SNS (CT)

Thank You!

Hi Lido team,

I head up the Investment Hub for Nexus Mutual.

We’ve already allocated 15k ETH from the capital pool to Lido at the end of May and have a proposal going through governance to increase this allocation to 30k ETH.

We would like to apply to the referral program.

Could you please whitelist: 0x586b9b2F8010b284A0197f392156f1A7Eb5e86e9
This is our community treasury multi-sig.

Thanks in advance


We have added you to our list of applicants that will be approved!

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Here are newly whitelisted referrals.



Investors, Fund managers, Developers, and Media/Influencers

Your referral URL is Stake with Lido | Lido + the whitelisted address you submitted.

For example, Funontheride’s referral address is Stake with Lido | Lido


1.)Cycle staking. Cycle staking is using the same amount of ETH multiple times by converting stETH back to ETH and staking it again
2.) Removing liquidity from liquidity pools. This affects the stETH/ETH price peg so Lido will not incentivize that behavior with referral rewards. Liquidity pools include 1inch, Curve, Balancer, or Sushiswap.
3.) Adding/removing one sided liquidity to stETH / ETH pools with liquidity mining programs (such as Curve, Balancer, SushiSwap). Balanced stETH / ETH liquidity mining is very welcome and will referral rewards will still be issued.
4.) Other actions that are directly or indirectly affecting the ETH:stETH peg.

It is up to your discretion to disclose these rules to your customers/community members. Lido will only disqualify rewards for abuse cases but not all of your rewards. However, if we find a trend of continued abuse from your referral address Lido can decide to remove you from the referral white-list.

Lido has also created a telegram channel for any support issues you have, however you are welcome to contact us anyway you want.

Also feel free to reach out to me personally

Twitter: frontalpha_eth
Telegram: frontalpha
Discord: frontalpha#0210


HI LIDO team

I joined cypro since 2018 on binance.
I recently learned about stack lido and would recommend it to some of my friends.
I want to join the referral program on lido, here is my wallet address:
Thank you.

Hi, I’d appreciate whitelisting. I’m new to Lido, but an active farmer and referrer of new entrants into the world of crypto and secure ways to earn a return on tokens. I have a risk/ fund manager background and I am actively transporting “tradfi” investors across to defi, and capital raising for new funds. I’d use the referral program to add Lido to the mix of options I’d recommend for actors coming across from the tradfi world. My wallet address ; 0x40185273DeED896Ee4e7C08F7b61C03Ae96AB2F1 We would love to join the whitelist as we are already node validators on the Solana and Terra Lido integrations

@MineDeFi Oh…my god,

had no choice but to check this message now.

I have been unable to do anything for 3 weeks due to COVID-19.

Now I can work again.

Even though our team was able to promote Lido, it didn’t do anything.

This is very unfortunate. Can I work on Lido right now?

I look forward to having the opportunity again.

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All is good, no worries!
You are whitelisted and can share your personal referral link based on your whitelisted address:

please make sure your referees to respect Lido referral program rules as highlighted above

application (requested by email)

  • name: OneSixtyTwo
  • info: digital assets investment management solutions
  • 0xd2c85ADAf36F92303E564540120c0F6BD55a875

what about me when can i go back to working with lido state

Here is the public whitelist (contains only addresses)

The addresses listed there are whitelisted and get checked every 2 weeks for new referees stakes and get rewarded in case of following the rules (breaking the rules leads to denied rewards and extraction from the whitelist).
All newly whitelisted addresses are going to be added to the public whitelist after the post on this thread.

Hello! Im making a twitter thread on the Lido referral program that will be send from Lido’s twitter account. We were thinking of mentioning you as an example but wanted to check and make sure that it is okay with your guys.

Hi @MineDeFi
I want to join the referral program on lido, here is my wallet address:
Thank you.

I wonder when I will be added to the white list

Hi Phan!
Could you please provide your website and/or social account names.
Currently, the referral program is aimed at integrations with platforms, wallets, protocols mostly.
Seams if you are managing tradiFi funds you have a good chance to make sure that your referees (which you probably would manage) respect the rules of the referral program.

Vào Th 3, 5 thg 10, 2021 lúc 20:13 Nikolai via Lido Governance <[email protected]> đã viết:

I promote this lidostake by google ads and by this mail my [email protected]
Please consider whitelisting me to continue working with you. Thank you

Vào Th 3, 5 thg 10, 2021 vào lúc 20:13 Nikolai via Lido Governance <[email protected]> đã viết:

How can we verify our whitelisting is properly configured before staking ETH, thank you


I’m curious when I will be added to the whitelist,
Also, if there are any other “Requirements” to become whitelisted.

Thanks in advance!