Referral Program Whitelisting [Ethereum]

All is good, no worries!
You are whitelisted and can share your personal referral link based on your whitelisted address:

please make sure your referees to respect Lido referral program rules as highlighted above

application (requested by email)

  • name: OneSixtyTwo
  • info: digital assets investment management solutions
  • 0xd2c85ADAf36F92303E564540120c0F6BD55a875

what about me when can i go back to working with lido state

Here is the public whitelist (contains only addresses)

The addresses listed there are whitelisted and get checked every 2 weeks for new referees stakes and get rewarded in case of following the rules (breaking the rules leads to denied rewards and extraction from the whitelist).
All newly whitelisted addresses are going to be added to the public whitelist after the post on this thread.

Hello! Im making a twitter thread on the Lido referral program that will be send from Lido’s twitter account. We were thinking of mentioning you as an example but wanted to check and make sure that it is okay with your guys.

Hi @MineDeFi
I want to join the referral program on lido, here is my wallet address:
Thank you.

I wonder when I will be added to the white list

Hi Phan!
Could you please provide your website and/or social account names.
Currently, the referral program is aimed at integrations with platforms, wallets, protocols mostly.
Seams if you are managing tradiFi funds you have a good chance to make sure that your referees (which you probably would manage) respect the rules of the referral program.

Vào Th 3, 5 thg 10, 2021 lúc 20:13 Nikolai via Lido Governance <[email protected]> đã viết:

I promote this lidostake by google ads and by this mail my [email protected]
Please consider whitelisting me to continue working with you. Thank you

Vào Th 3, 5 thg 10, 2021 vào lúc 20:13 Nikolai via Lido Governance <[email protected]> đã viết:

How can we verify our whitelisting is properly configured before staking ETH, thank you


I’m curious when I will be added to the whitelist,
Also, if there are any other “Requirements” to become whitelisted.

Thanks in advance!

gm Lido sers!

I would like to be whitelisted. I run a site where I do TLDRs of tokens and projects.

Here is a post for Lido:

Platform name -
Background information - Blogposts, content.
How I’ll make use of it - Informing about Lido staking on the site and in posts for ETH, SOL, LDO, LUNA.


Thanks a lot!

Could you please clarify are you representing the ORCA platform or your personal account as a referral?

Platform: MEW (MyEtherWallet)
Background: One of the top Ethereum wallets.
Usage: Allow MEW users to stake with Lido.

Android: 0xC976903918A0AF01366B31d97234C524130fc8B1
iOS: 0x3CFA85bdE803d55082814D23Ed1515eCD69F006A

I don’t understand your question, can you give me an example?

Hey Lido team! Any idea on how long will it take to get whitelisted?

Dear Lido Team,

we would like to get our address whitelisted: 0xBe1CeeA39d256F90FC087aAA7AA9290f449D5081 is Germanys biggest crypto info site. We have a page specifically for Ethereum 2.0 Staking where we now recommend Lido.


Would love to get my address in the referral. 0x1C6F6dae4e19B80Eb42801cDE0Ba873Ad5Ff2E2d

I run and other properties and my friends and supporters would love to use lido and I can get some referral LDO on them.


Hi I’m Ken. I represent Ribbon Finance, which is a structured products protocol on Ethereum. We have developed an stETH covered call vault, which allows users to stake their ETH + write call options on it. This allows users to earn outsized yield on their ETH.

Ribbon DAO Address: 0xDAEada3d210D2f45874724BeEa03C7d4BBD41674