Should Lido support Terra reboot?

As Lido on Terra lead, I want to express my personal position on this.

I feel really uncomfortable with the new Terra proposal.

I won’t argue about Terra/UST stuff, only about the reboot thing.

“Terra is more than UST” is a good slogan but is it right actually? Terra ecosystem evolution was based on the Anchor and UST which made a huge incentivization for the ecosystem growth. And now the new chain is being launched without any actual product-market fit. Teams are going to commit their participation in the project that they hope to be as successful as it used to be but I’m sure it won’t. TFL convince developer teams to rebuild Terra but I’m not sure it’s even the best option for those developers.

So basically from my point of view the only reason to try to relaunch Terra is to help damaged pre-depeg UST holders. Regular holders. Those who were convinced by Terra that their token will be stable. But that’s not what we see in proposal 1623.

Like, what’s the main community request we can see on twitter? Not “please return 20% yield”, not “please make Luna $80 again”. It’s “please restore the peg”. And Terra Revival Plan doesn’t answer this request. That’s why option C exists.

So basically I’m against relaunch. I really hate to say it after all the efforts we put into Lido on Terra. But I hope you’ll understand.


I will throw my vote behind option A: Do not support the reboot.


This is a terrible part of the market cycle to make speculative bets on a possible rebirth of a failed chain with a disgraced leader and all sorts of legal and regulatory threats coming its way. Now is the time to act defensively and only invest in the strongest conviction bets.


The Snapshot Should Lido support Terra reboot? passed and got the quorum.

No relaunch (54M LDO) 94.57%
Relaunch (3.1M LDO) 5.43%


Right. No one invest in v2, 3, 4.

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