Stake Polygon / Matic on Ledger

I would like to stake my Polygon / Matic on a Ledger Nano X. Staking ETH is covered in a lot of online topics, however I can’t find Polygon / Matic staking on a Ledger hardware wallet.

Does that mean it is not possible yet?



thanks for your question and welcome to the Lido research forum.

Ledger does not support stMatic at this point. We’re working with the Ledger team to make it happen as soon as possible. Sadly we can’t give a specific timeline yet.

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Hi Marin,

thanks for your reply.

Can I also use the “Lido on Polygon” staking page “Stake | Lido”, on which I can connect my Ledger wallet?

Hey hey,

yes you can connect your Ledger device via interface.
Note that Polygon liquid staking is built on Ethereum (due to Polygon POS design) so it will work like every other ERC20 token.

I was referring to Ledger live app which has direct staking integration for stETH.