Staking Router Module Proposal: Simple DVT

Hello everyone,

This is an update regarding the status of the Lido x SSV Network testnet and Lido x Obol mainnet deployment.

The aggregate SSV performance metrics are currently indicating performance well above the required benchmarks, and if trends remain on track will lead to a successful completion of the Lido x SSV testnet.

Over the period of January 27th to March 11th, aggregate metrics are 97.7% uptime (vs. 95% benchmark), 83.55% Block Proposal Success Rate (vs. 70% benchmark), and Attestation Effectiveness of 78.24% (vs. network 30 day average of ~ 71.4%).

However, due to a new version of SSV’s DKG tool that is intended to be used on mainnet, the ongoing SSV testnet has been extended for 2-3 weeks to test this version before it would be used with mainnet clusters.

We expect all clusters will generate another 20 keys using the new DKG version next week, and will then monitor performance for a week to ensure things look sound. Assuming performance continues to remain above the benchmark at that time, the clusters will exit their validators, test the reward claiming flow, and the testnet will conclude. Concurrently, the SSV team is working on an audit for the new DKG version that is required to be completed before moving to mainnet.

For Obol, mainnet participants from Cohort 1 have been added to cluster coordination threads and have begun the process of setting up their multi-sigs. As the SSV testnet has been extended, it is now expected that the first 12 Obol clusters from Cohort 1 will go live on mainnet after keys have been generated, likely by the end of this month.

The next Obol testnet is expected to begin at the end of this month/early April, with another SSV testnet to follow. Submissions for all solo stakers, community stakers, and professional node operators to participate in the Obol testnet will be closed on March 20th, with the form remaining open for those interested in participating in the next SSV testnet. If you would like to sign up, please fill out the form here:

Additional updates will be shared in the coming weeks regarding the SSV testnet, Obol mainnet status, and next round of testnets.