Tané Governance Communication Thread


Tané is formed with a group of crypto-native product builders, based in Tokyo, Dubai and New York. We are backed by SoftBank, and Japanese tech giants like DeNA, GREE, MIXI, and closely work with the big Japanese enterprises and have great relationship with Japanese crypto communities.

Our investment arm has invested in and supported various innovating projects that contribute to the decentralized society enabled by the new blockchain technology. Our network operation entity started directly contributing to the ecosystem by being validators for the core infrastructures and protocols that make Web3 move forward and contributors to the DAOs that manage them. We have been active as delegates in dYdX, Arbitrum and Optimism.

Takeshi, Head of Network Operations, who worked for Twitter as a senior software engineer and for SmartNews, a Japanese unicorn startup that provides a news aggregation mobile app with 30M MAU as a product manager, is the main representative of the account.

We will update our voting activities and reasonings behind them in this thread. Please reach out to us anytime when you have any opinions/comments/feedback.

You can also check out our voting activities related to Lido from our internal tracker.


Lido Alliance application: Mellow

Summary: Mellow is a restaking protocol that uses stETH as collateral, allowing users to choose LRT based on their risk preference. In this proposal, Mellow will provide 10% of its token supply to Lido Alliance in exchange for several supports including growth and liquidity bootstrapping.

Vote: Onboard Mellow to Lido Alliance

Reasoning: We believe that as a member of the Lido Alliance, Mellow can contribute to the growth of the Lido ecosystem by expanding the utility of stETH.

Lido Alliance application: Drop

Summary: Drop, a cross-chain liquid staking protocol, enables staking across multiple blockchains while keeping staked assets liquid. In this proposal, 10% of their total token supply is offered to the Lido Alliance in exchange for support in growth and liquidity bootstrapping.

Voting: Onboard Drop to Lido Alliance

Reasoning: As DeFi activities centered around LST expand beyond the Ethereum mainnet, partnerships like this, which address cross-chain compatibility, help meet the growing needs of LST-based DeFi activities. Therefore, we vote in favor of this proposal.

LIP-23: Negative rebase sanity check with a pluggable second opinion

Summary: This proposal can reduce the risk of attacks by malicious oracles through changes to the parameters of the oracles used by Lido. In exchange, DAO voting will be required to verify correct information in the event of a serious incident.

Voting: Yay

Reasoning: As this proposal will lead to further strengthening of the robustness of the Lido protocol, we vote in favor of it.

Expanding the Simple DVT Module

Summary: With this proposal, the target share of the DVT module will be increased from 0.5% to 4%. Also, the new set of node operators called Advanced Node Operators (ANO) will be introduced.

Voting: For

Reasoning: This not only enhances the decentralization and security of Lido’s Node Operators but also improves the economics for Node Operators participating in DVT. Therefore, we support this proposal.