wstETH on Avalanche and BNB and Ownership Acceptance by Lido DAO

Hi, first time here, I’m just a user and stakeholder of Lido. I am really concerned about what Layer 0 has done with their announcement.

Announcing something that wasn’t even voted on as if it was already a reality is disrespectful to the DAO, and a clear gesture of unseriousness.
Layer Zero is a super centralized option that exposes Ethereum’s main protocol to an unprecedented catastrophe.

A hack in the verification layer (not trustless, it is verified by an “oracle” totally unrelated to the transaction) would imply that infinite wsteth will be minted.

As several people here have said, xERC20 would be a viable solution since daily minting limits can be set per Bridge and it will allow us to choose between several solutions simultaneously.

It also allows us to “disconnect” a Bridge provider in case of emergency.

Finally, I think that choosing Layer Zero as Bridge Provider is a mistake, Lido means decentralization for Ethereum… it does not make sense to expose it to risks typical of centralized protocols such as Multichain.