You can now TWAP buy/sell stETH without incurring price impact on chain

stETH/ETH is Now on Integral SIZE

Integral is pleased to announce that we have just launched a stETH/ETH pool on Integral SIZE. SIZE is a DEX designed for seamless and efficient on-chain OTC style trading. We believe this pool will further add utility to the ETH 2.0 and Lido ecosystem. Communities and DAO’s can all reap the benefits of SIZE’s unique architecture when trading stETH.


stETH, the liquid staked version of ETH native to Lido protocol, is designed to be redeemable 1:1 for ETH upon the merge. Recent market conditions have brought huge volatility to this asset. At the time of writing this, 1 stETH is worth about 0.96537811 ETH.

Traders, as well as DAO’s trading this asset, are likely to have faced significant price impact in doing so. Quotes from Curve indicate that trading for 10,000 stETH would incur a max price impact of nearly 0.4%. Trading for 100,000 stETH pushes price impact past 8.7%. On Uniswap, trading for 100 stETH would incur 9% price impact.

Launching the pool serves to provide the following benefits:

  1. Deepen on-chain liquidity of stETH
  2. Liquidity provision: liquidity providers on SIZE can provide stETH and ETH as a pair, or provide single-sided liquidity. SIZE’s unique design means that LPs experience mean zero IL. Furthermore, we are running a liquidity mining program with exceptional $ITGR rewards for LPs. More details
  3. Buy and sell stETH with an OTC execution: SIZE eliminates common difficulties traders face such as front running, MEV, and sandwich attacks.
  4. Swap large volumes of stETH with SIZE: SIZE allows traders to trade with significant volume and incur zero price impact. The 30-minute TWAP of the asset is the final price, enforced and verifiable completely on chain. For DAOs or whales looking to accumulate large quantities of stETH, SIZE offers an efficient and slippage-free way of purchasing lots of stETH.

More about SIZE

Given the unique architecture of SIZE, traders can avoid heavy price impacts, while remaining protected from MEV and sandwich attacks. Trades conducted via SIZE are executed on-chain at a 30-minute TWAP (time weighted average price), producing a seamless and efficient OTC style trading experience. For more info, check out our Announcement and white paper.




Introducing the stETH-ETH Pool on SIZE


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