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Project Title

Description is an open source Ethereum 2.0 explorer which makes the beacon chain accessible to non-technical users.
In addition, provides an open source mobile app for iOS and android for validator monitoring.


The vision of is to not rely on closed-source explorers; everyone should be able to run its local explorer and not trust third parties. is not only an explorer. Due to the upcoming change from PoW to PoS, there has been demand by individual node operators to have an easy to use node/machine monitoring tool.


Nowadays, the UX of a specific blockchain is highly dependent on its explorers.
Fear spreads among the community the moment an explorer is down, even though the network is unaffected.


To tackle this problem, we are building an open source beaconchain explorer.

Additionally, with the upcoming change to PoS, home-staking should be the gold standard for staking on Ethereum. Thus, has an open source mobile app to monitor their validators, so individuals can stake with a peace of mind when they’re not at home.

Product Features

  1. Validator duties (missed attestations, block proposal, slashed, sync committee)
  2. Client updates (geth, besu, nethermind, Lighthouse, Prysm, Teku, Nimbus)
  3. Machine monitoring (CPU spikes, Memory, Storage)


Please validate our efforts in the following github repositories:

  1. explorer:
  2. mobile app (iOS & android)


Over the past 2 years, has become the go-to explorer for researchers, developers and end-users.
Compared to PoW, the beaconchain has a lot of data that needs to be proccessed every epoch (6.4 minutes). will require frequent database improvements to be able to display recent data from the beacon chain…

All of the mentioned features (Product Features) are fully implemented and can be used today.

As of today, there is only one (closed source) explorer with similar features,

Team was founded by bitfly gmbh, and is currently maintained by 3 developers.

Grant Request

What the funds are used for
The funds will be solely used for server costs and maintenance. Currently, supports 4 networks (Mainnet, Prater, Sepolia and Ropsten).


Additional Information (and are products by bitfly, which have been financially covered by Ethermine. This was a way for us to give back to the community, however, for known reasons, Ethermine won’t be able to cover these expenses for much longer. :dotted_line_face:

As a short term solution, we applied to various grants (listed below) and plan to apply as a node operator at Lido in the next wave.

For transparency reasons a list of pending and declined grant applications:

  • Gitcoin (approved)
  • CLR (approved)
  • daohaus (declined, for now)
  • Uni grants (pending)
  • EF (pending)

Can you disclose your advertising revenues as well?

Sure, the ad revenue is not consistent, and mostly done for free (depending on advertiser, like gambling ads).
Since jan 2022, ~€10k.

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Hi @butta . The LEGO council has decided to approve a grant of $15,000 (equivalent) for this request. We are happy to support as it’s a great service and product that bitfly is graciously maintaining and benefits the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

Please provide payment details (ethereum mainnet address, desired token) and we will proceed with disbursement.


Hi @Izzy , thank you for the kind words and the positive feedback.

We would love to receive the grant in ETH to our public gitcoin grant address -


This grant was disbursed on Aug 30th