Blocknative Relay Data Storage Update

Between 8:52 and 9:17 UTC on Tuesday January 10th the Blocknative Relay responded to getHeader requests with “no bid”. This has been resolved and there was no impact to Validators or getPayload requests. The summary is as follows:


The Blocknative team was notified by internal monitoring tools that our storage database ran out of space and the Blocknative Relay couldn’t store new blocks. During this time the Blocknative Relay responded to getHeader requests with “no bid” as the relay had no new blocks to send. After increasing storage capacity the relay began serving bids again.

After upgrading storage, the dataAPI was temporarily unavailable while the execution and consensus clients resynced. Blocks won by the Blocknative relay during this time were temporarily marked as an unknown relay.


  • No impact to Validators.
  • Between 8:52 and 9:17 UTC the Blocknative Relay responded with “no bid” to getHeader requests from validators.
  • dataAPI requests for 7 delivered payloads (slots 5543631, 5543289, 5543287, 5543276, 5543270, 5543247, 5543231) were temporarily unavailable. The Data API is now showing correct numbers and shows the Blocknative Relay as originator.


  • Increased disk storage space
  • Updated disk usage monitor

Thanks for the notification and transparent communication!