Blocknative Relay proposer public key update


Earlier today, Friday, March 10, blocks sent through the Blocknative Relay began sending invalid proposer public keys. The blocks were committed by Validators but on getPayload requests the relay could not deliver a block as it was stored under an invalid proposer public key. A fix was developed ( Add proposer pubkey check in getheader by aratz-lasa · Pull Request #103 · blocknative/dreamboat · GitHub) and deployed to Goerli and Mainnet at 13:30 UTC on Friday, March 10, and the issue has been resolved. This fix prevents getHeader requests for blocks with invalid proposer public keys. The Blocknative Relay no longer delivers bids if the block does not have the correct proposer public key .


We are aware of several slots that were missed due to an invalid proposer public key . We are continuing to determine the impact on validators and slots.



Thank you for the incident update. I can confirm that from our side it looks like normal operation has resumed, so NOs may consider re-enabling the blocknative relay.