Building a lido dao community of users and developers in ghana

In this Era of web3 and digital disruption economy, usability, accessibility, mass adoption and boarderless transactions, it has become vital to open up for more onboarding programs and partnerships.
We are proposing to kickstart a LIDODAO SERIES OF MEETUPS AND WORKSHOPS in Ghana to nurture and develop user community of users and developers for the lido ecosystems.
Would like to hear the feedback of the lidodao community and ways to support our initiative.


@sacha Thanks for the like!

Would there be opportunity for me to submit my proposal before the Lidodao?

Hi-hi, @Ahbyan ! I think the best next step would be to talk to LEGO — send me a dm in telegram @kadmil please, can discuss details and the next steps there

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@kadmil I hope you have read my proposal i sent. Please do let me know your feedback and will better inform how to improve before we proceed to make a formal submission. Thank you.

Sorry for the delayed answer. Indeed, we’ve got in contact & discussed the proposal. Unfortunately, LEGO won’t be following with the grant at this time — the team doesn’t have the capacity required to support the process in a reasonable way. Would you mind me getting in touch once we’ll have the way forward?

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Exactly, if there is possibility in the future

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