Proposal for 2 offline event presentation meetup

              TITLE: INTRO TO LIDO AND WALKTHROUGH	                                   


Lido plays an important role which is not yet well understood in Nigeria, taking the lido message to the universities and tech hubs will be of immense benefits as many people will be educated and talents also discovered, this proposal seeks to carry out educational offline events at selected universities and technology hubs in Nigeria

To create education and awareness
To Do a walkthrough demonstration on how to use Lido
To onboard more users into the platform
To also search for young devs that can contribute to the community and ecosystem
To answer questions from the attendees and collect feedbacks

Enugu state university of science and Technology Enugu state Nigeria
Prestige Technology hub Anambra state Nigeria

Friday 30 th june 2023 and monday 3 rd july 2023
Time: 10.00 am

50 - 60 people comprising of students, lecturers, enthusiast, visitors

Chidi olisa ( [email protected])


  1. Renting of venue = 700 usd
  2. Renting of projector/equipments = 40 usd
  3. Refreshments = 300 usd
  4. Production of T-shirts , 20 pieces =260 usd
    TOTAL = 1,300
    2 events = 2,600 usd

Thanks in anticipation

Yours faithfully
Chidi olisa (main organizer)

Tg - @olisadon

Thank you for proposal to introduce Lido and conduct a walkthrough demonstration in Nigeria.

Lido DAO has a Lido Ecosystem Grants Organization (LEGO) wich is available to provide funding for initiatives that benefit Lido and the surrounding space. You can find the full grant application process on the LEGO page.
Reach out to the LEGO Council members listed on the page to discuss the details of your event and potential funding opportunities.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Best of luck with your event!

Hi! Thank you for the proposal, LEGO person here. Sorry to say, won’t be going forward with the grant at this time, as the team doesn’t have the capacity to carry on the process from our side now. Mind me getting in touch once we have more capacity and a plan re: potential offline events for community?

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works fine , is there any estimated time when you will have more capacity ?