Tané - Lido community education in APAC

Dear Lido Community,

We prepared a grant proposal for community education in the Asia Pacific region to support these initiatives.

  1. Simple DVT
  2. Community Staking Module
  3. Lido Community Lifeguards Initiative

This proposal has already been approved by the LEGO Council.

We highly appreciate any kind of comments, feedback and contributions.


Education and empowerment for the community to drive decentralization.

We, Tané, wholeheartedly support the initiative mentioned above and aim to contribute as much as possible driven by our belief in the fundamental values of Lido,

Keep Ethereum decentralized, accessible to all, and resistant to censorship

We express our utmost gratitude to those who have worked on or supported these initiatives. At the same time, we recognize the challenges in achieving broader outreach and have been considering how we can contribute to addressing this issue.

In this proposal, we suggest using the funds received as a grant to increase the number of individuals and community members who get involved in decentralizing Lido by introducing ways to contribute to it, putting a strong emphasis on CSM and Simple DVT. This will be done via various channels; podcasts, articles and events.


The importance of Simple DVT and CSM in enhancing the decentralization of Lido, and by extension Ethereum, is significant. The goal of this initiative is to introduce various ways to get involved in the decentralization of Ethereum through Lido, with the introduction of Simple DVT and CSM being crucial components.

More specifically, the aim is for individuals and community members who engage with the educational content created within this initiative or participate in the events held to set up their nodes and become solo stakers themselves, or if not, to contribute to Lido’s decentralization from different aspects.

We are presenting a focused, short-term segment of a larger, long-term plan. Our intention is to start quickly and efficiently by requesting a more modest grant size, which will allow us to initiate our project with agility. We believe this approach will enable us to demonstrate the potential of our broader vision while ensuring a streamlined and effective implementation of the initial phase.

Key Activities

These activities will continue to be executed in an appropriate form throughout all phases.

Educational contents

Create educational content aimed at individuals and organizations to understand Lido.

  • Podcast series that covers topics below.
  • Article series that covers topics below.
  • Tutorials and detailed guides for setting up nodes using CSM/ Simple DVT.

Organizing events

Organize an educational event that covers the topics below.

  • Introduction of Lido and its underlying technology
  • Simple DVT explained

Activities by numbers

  • offline event: 1
  • podcast: 6+
    • every week updates over 2 months
    • several Lido-focused episodes
  • article : 3
  • tutorial/setup guide: 1

Topics to be covered

  1. Introduction of Lido
  • Provide basic information for listeners with varying levels of understanding of Lido, ensuring a consistent foundational comprehension.
  • A brief review of Liquid Staking / The significance and benefits of Liquid Staking / Differences from other LSTs / Lido’s value, etc.
  1. Introducing (Re)GOOSE #1: The background
  • Focus on the reasons why ReGOOSE was needed.
  • What is ReGOOSE in a nutshell? / Why was ReGOOSE needed? (Changes in the environment surrounding ETH staking: Restaking / Preconfirmations / MVI)
  1. Introducing (Re)GOOSE #2: Strategy (Lido Alliance)
  • We will discuss what ReGOOSE aims to achieve, one aspect at a time. Mainly focus on the content of this blog.
  • We will also discuss the current landscape of Lido Alliance.
  1. Why is Lido good for Ethereum: Path to decentralization
  • Introduce Lido’s strategy related to non-technical decentralization.
  • Dual governance / ossification / others (from GOOSE’s topic)
  1. Overview of technical decentralization — introducing the SimpleDVT, and CSM
  • Share the initiatives related to technical decentralization one by one.
  1. Deeper dive into the CSM: how to participate in the early adoption period and how communities can work with Lido via the Community Lifeguards

Budget and duration

We have received 10,000 DAI for this initiative.
Here’s the budget breakdown.

  • Podcast $4,000
  • Writings (3 articles + 1 guide) $2,000
  • Event cost $4,000
    • Labour cost $2,500
    • Venue fee $1,500

We will organize and complete all these activities by the end of August.


We have received 10,000 DAI to educate the APAC community, especially in Japan, to get them involved in decentralizing Lido. We will introduce ways to contribute, with a strong emphasis on CSM and Simple DVT.

We will provide podcast content, written materials, and an on-site event.

We’ve already started working on this. We recorded and shared the 1st episode of our podcast containing Lido’s topic. We will keep on working as proposed here.

Reports will be shared after finishing all these activities, supposedly by the end of August.

About Tané

  • Tané is a crypto investment and research firm backed by major Japanese enterprises such as SoftBank.
  • Our mission is to enhance the blockchain ecosystem through decentralization and credible neutrality, empowering individuals globally.
  • We want to achieve the mission by doing network operations that contribute to blockchain networks by running validators, participating in DAO governance, etc.
  • We also got a delegation of $OP from a16z to participate in DAO governance.
  • Our Website: https://tanelabs.com/
  • Our Network activities: https://networkoperations.tanelabs.com/

Our previous work:

We held a side event at ETHGlobal Tokyo. April, 2023.

MEV workshop in Tokyo. June, 2023.

Infra+DeFi Meetup in Tokyo. March, 2024

Podcasts (in Japanese)

Writings on MEV, intent, modular blockchain etc.

Representatives and contacts

Ikuma Mutobe : Founding Partner
Takeshi Ohishi: Co-founder, Head of Network Operations
Shoji Tateno: BD and Research


As an organization rooted in educational models we are fully supporting Tane in this proposal and their work in APAC.