Continue Balancer wstETH<>WETH LP rewards

The ongoing 4-weeks reward period for Balancer v2 wstETH<>WETH liquidity pool is set to expire on December 6th.

Over the past three months, the pool has been incentivized with 300,000 LDO per 4 weeks and additional BAL rewards on top of that. This strategy proved to be efficient, and the pool has stabilized at around $430m TVL while being the deepest Balancer v2 pool and second-biggest Lido-related liquidity pool across DeFi. From the Lido incentives analytics dashboard you can tell the LDO incentives in the Balancer pool perform almost as well as they do for Curve. Pool APY sits steadily at slightly above 4% and provides a reliable and consistent liquidity mining opportunity for wstETH holders.

Based on this data, we propose continuing LDO rewards for the next 4-weeks period with the same amount of 300,000 LDO.

Please, comment on this post if you disagree with this proposal. Otherwise, we will add allocating funds to the Balancer reward program into the next Omnibus voting on December 2nd.