Continue LDO Reward Initiative With 3,750,000 LDO for stETH/ETH Curve LPS

Previous LDO rewards for stETH/ETH curve LPs will expire in 5 days. The proposal is to continue rewards amount: 3.75M LDO for the next 30 days.

stETH:ETH pool is the largest liquidity pool in all of DeFI, which means that increasing incentives there would be an overkill. On the other hand, liquidity is paramount for stETH as it is a precursor to listing on DeFI money markets.

Original proposal for LDO Curve incentives: Incentivizing Curve stETH liquidity with LDO (tech details)


Honestly, the yield we’re getting from curve LP doesn’t seem that much more enticing than just holding Steth.

Just holding stETH is a respectable reward stream though.

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