DAI Referral Program application Thread

Dear Lido Team,

  • I am running the crypto blog https://max-perkmann.medium.com/ on Medium

  • The blog is mainly focused on showcasing new/exciting crypto platforms. Roughly about 30k monthly readers

  • Introducing Liquid Staking/Lido.fi to my community

  • 0x58d1a61847429cA4F160e1F836b8dD2959224039 - Externally-owned account (EOA)

Thank you!

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Hi team,

We are KuCoin Wallet powered by KuCoin Exchange.

The most secure non-custody wallet for the next generation, available on Mobile & PC. Over 800K users.
The teams are in touch and we have supported Lido from the start. We intend to feature Lido and provide a simple staking way for our platform users.

EOA: 0x400973818B5361D5a0E519B9a810d17A9D29860E



We are Milk Road INC. (formerly Bitfo, INC.)

Milk Road is a daily newsletter with over 250,000 subscribers. We have Lido links on our staking pages.

EOA: 0x65505A70014A53C224522373Aad854080b7917AF

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Dear Lido Team,

  • Platform name: Matrixport https://www.matrixport.com/
  • Background information: One of the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency platforms
  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program: provide staking product for our users, Has brought more than 50,000 ETH to lido ecology
  • EOA: 0x16edF128b9E2eB0993002DfDa4ba7294c2f7F94F

Thank you!

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Hello Lido team,
This is James from CoolBitX.

  • Platform name: CoolWallet
  • Background information:
    Coolwallet is the world top 3 cold wallet with 20 billion+ USD worth of crypto AUM. It uses military-grade encrypted bluetooth, and is also the slimmest wallet in the market. We also provides comprehensive compliance SaaS solutions for VASPs to comply with FATF recommendation.
  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program
    We already provide our Wallet users to use Lido’s staking service on our CoolWallet App. Users can easily stake their cold wallet asset on Lido anytime anywhere.
    We have been providing Lido’s service on our App’s Marketplace for a while already.
    EOA: 0xbAC452d6EFDc8F9450C1eD6dDe66DF62f01e6A4D

Thank you for your review.

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We’d like to apply for the DAI referral program:

Platform name: Antalpha
Backgroud: Antalpha is a financial institution and the strategic partner with BITMAIN. Antalpha is built as a compliant crypto asset management platform.

How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program: We are responsible for managing the ETH assets from our partners as well as our portfolio companies. ETH staking is considered as low-risk long-term asset allocation.

ETH address:
Sent to @frontalpha in private

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  • Platform name:
  • Background information:
    Furucombo is a DeFi aggregator designed to simplify, optimize, and automate DeFi trading for everyone.
  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program:
    We gonna support Lido on Furucombo pretty soon, so users can stake with ease.
  • Ethereum address:
    0xB32b5Eeb60fA82fF730733A57698cfc1AE623798, GnosisSafe smart wallet
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  • Platform name: MEW wallet (MyEtherWallet)
  • Background information: OG wallet, the first Ethereum wallet.
  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program: 1-click staking for our users, already implemented couple of years ago. Already running and being used, and being marketed to our user base.
  • EOA 1: 0xC976903918A0AF01366B31d97234C524130fc8B1
  • EOA 2: 0x3CFA85bdE803d55082814D23Ed1515eCD69F006A

Hey Lido Team!

  • Platform name: Rainmaker https://www.rainmaker.nyc/
  • Background information: We’re a seedphrase-less DeFi specific Account Abstraction wallet (iOS, Android, soon to be on web) offering 1-tap entry into DeFi positions with gas sponsoring. Our team is fully doxxed and we’re YC backed.
  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program: we’re adding Lido staking for our users and already have a waiting list for ETH and MATIC staking via Lido
  • EOA: 0x8aaC63D826d9f02C8b6f831cD0FDEE88bb3A3E47

Thank you!
Carlos Reyes

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Hello Lido team,

  • My name is Jack Miller (https://twitter.com/john_iller) and I am with Cosimo Capital (https://cosimo.fund) - a crypto fund based in Chicago that launched in 2018.
  • We are an fund focused on investing the Ethereum ecosystem, investors in LDO, and stakers on multiple assets in the LidoDAO.
  • We intend to create content and research regarding our experience with Lido and personally help onboard individuals that we trust who have a large amount of ETH and who are interested in staking.
  • 0x74D23b00b77a6860c4eb8cf87774158cB93ca2A7

A discussion to retire the Ethereum and Solana Referral program’s has started. Everyone is welcome to participate in the discussion!

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  1. Platform name: Kresus (https://www.kresus.com)
  2. Background information: Web3 Wallet
  3. Intended use for Lido referral program: Allow our client’s to stake within our wallet.
  4. 0x56Fa9cCb57c62f917b575Aff5103cA50f445D352

*** Platform name:** Asymetrix Protocol (https://asymetrix.io/)
*** Background information**: Decentralized, non-custodial protocol for asymmetric yields distribution generated from liquid staking via Lido;
*** Intended use for Lido referral program**: Allow our users to stake ETH (get stETH) through our application;
*** EOA**: 0xa4CB7F86C5f918a3E9c752Ac2068AB2564A12F4f

Hi Team,

  • onchainaustria.at

  • We are an Austrian crypto educational platform (language: German). We want to show newcomers to the crypto space how to have the real onchain-crypto experience and get their fund off-exchanges. We have a YouTube channel with click-by-click tutorials. Our whole platform is in its infantries but we attempt to grow quickly.

  • Staking of Ethereum is a part of an educational YouTube video. We would like to place a referral link there.

  • We will not expect tremendous amounts in the beginning but by the time, if we gain traction, this could change.

  • Links:

Lido staking video: Krypto für Einsteiger | Video 06 | Staking: Erklärung / Ethereum & Polygon Staking zum nachmachen - YouTube

*ETH Address: 0x8F0BC8D7B1d9452A0E9eB36823c48e064Ed567F8

Hi Team, we are ready to take part in this referral program if it is not completed, as well as in subsequent ones and we ask you to enter our ETH address in whitelist.

  • We are Trustee Wallet (https://trusteeglobal.com)
  • This is one of the most popular non-custodial crypto wallets in Europe and the CIS and the only one open source multi-currency wallet.
  • We add Lido Platform to our Dapps section so that our users can stake Ethereum and Polygon without leaving the app.
  • EOA: 0xf1Cff704c6E6ce459e3E1544a9533cCcBDAD7B99

Hi, Dean from Bitcompare here

  • Platform name: Bitcompare
  • Background information: Bitcompare is a leading aggregator of non-custodial staking platforms
  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program: Drive leads directly to Lido
  • EOA: 0x2353356947f040611ab9de3dbe5d892be50018c5

The DAI referral program has been concluded.


Hello Everyone!

The snapshot vote to end the Ethereum and Solana Referral programs has passed. Snapshot

I appreciate all the referrers that participated in the referral programs.

For Ethereum referrals: If you have not claimed rewards from https://app.rhino.fi/claim/lido-rewards they will be open for claiming until October 15th. After that all remaining rewards will be returned to the DAO treasury.

If you have any questions please feel free to dm me
telegram Telegram: Contact @frontalpha
Discord frontalpha#0210