Referral Program Whitelisting [Ethereum]

This thread is for proposing wallets/protocols as candidates for whitelisting in Lido referral program.
To propose a candidate for referral whitelisting, please submit a comment with the following information:

  • Platform name
  • Background information
  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program

Perfect candidates for whitelisting would be the top wallets/protocols that could bring a big amount of ETH and new stakers.

All applications will be reviewed on a weekly basis. All relevant applications (wallets, protocols, frontend) are automatically approved with detected abuse cases leading to automatic exclusion from the program.

The Lido referral program was launched on July 19th 2021 by the Lido DAO based on the following proposal.
Lido referral program was switched to ‘whitelist mode’ to improve the security and productivity by the DAO decision via voting on the following proposal.


I would like to be added to the whitelist as I have many people that have bought eth on my recommendation from 2017 that are doing fuck all with it and need to be juiced to move it. Approve my application or else i will do nothing.


Hi there

I’m just a regular chap who likes recommending ethereum to friends and just stumbled across the referral program last week. I am an early lido staker (first couple of weeks - cheers for the airdrop which I have kept) and am intending to continue to make bona fide use of the program and refer anyone I can to stake through lido.

I have referred two friends already but this was without using the referral link. As mentioned, I was not aware of this until recently and those friends staked quite some time ago, potentially before the program.

The referral link is for my argent wallet -

My referral link is:

If these links are tracked by your website you’ll see I only just made this the other day when I realised the referral program was a thing.


Hi there,

Ethereum Spain Meetup founder here. Been doing Ethereum Meetups all around Spain (more than 50), teaching and advocating for Ethereum and Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm since -feeling forever- February 2014. Our community is the largest and oldest Spanish speaking Ethereum/crypto community, very respected and with 3440 members. Several members ask me constantly about different possibilities for staking, and I like (and use) Lido. Wouldn’t mind to get whitelisted… I was about to get a big amount of LDO as reward today, but the staking-operation froze because of these change on referral conditions :pensive:

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I kindly request for whitelisting my Ledger stETH Lido store address 0x2c49946a3840505753dddc5e60c23fbd19529c30

It is stored on a Ledger wallet with the purpose long-term store & stake for my pension purpose.
Please white list it, because this adress will only be used for long-term (multi-year) storage
of value purposes. When one of my contacts ask for a way for staking ETH, of course I will recommend them Lido using my referral link.

My referral link is:

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Hi, I’d appreciate whitelisting. I’m new to Lido, but an active farmer and referrer of new entrants into the world of crypto and secure ways to earn a return on tokens. I have a risk/ fund manager background and I am actively transporting “tradfi” investors across to defi, and capital raising for new funds. I’d use the referral program to add Lido to the mix of options I’d recommend for actors coming across from the tradfi world.

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Hey Team
I request you to whitelist my address for Lido referral:


  • Platform name - CoinSutra
  • Background information - Professional blogger and helping in wider crypto adoption via education since 2016.
  • How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program- By creating educational content…

Already created a ton of content to help in wider adoption. Here are a few links:

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Hi, there. As someone else I’m writing this to ask if my wallet could be whitelisted.

I’m no influencer, but I’ve been of help to many people in forum/social networks to introduce them to the crypto world and I might be help to refer some, as I’ve been referred some time ago. I’ve some ETH on current staking which I intend to leave for the time being.

Here’s the address: 0x51e337413850cf51613713d05d8f22bC1E8c42aC
Thanks and keep up the good work.

Hi !

Emerick here from Figment. We’re builders, staking infrastructure providers, and investors.

We would love to join the whitelist as we are already node validators on the Solana and Terra Lido integrations. We intend to use the Lido referral program to help market Lido and bring more token holders to the Lido community. For example, we would add the referral link to our Ethereum, Solana, and Terra content with a disclaimer.

Here’s some info on Figment:

Company: Figment
Figment is based out of Canada and has been building and operating staking and developer infrastructure since 2018. Our founders have a combined 30+ years of successfully starting and scaling internet infrastructure companies. This deep background in infrastructure and security, combined with a passion for decentralized technologies, led to the launch Figment in 2018.

We’re running staking infrastructure on 30+ mainnets for a wide variety of stakeholders, including institutional customers. We also run indexing services that bootstrap developer activity via DataHub, for which we manage performant node infrastructure and API services. We also make tools like Hubble.

Security, Reliability, and Performance
Institutional clients depend on us to run secure, reliable, and performant operations.

The best way to contact us is via [email protected]

Governance (See Figment resources on our website)
We have a history of trailblazing governance best practices and driving governance activity.

  • Cosmos Hub gov docs & best practices for parameter changes and community spend proposals
  • Cosmos Hub governance working group (article includes history of gov involvement)

Fun fact! We coordinated the first major Cosmos Hub upgrade.

  • (cosmoshub-4/governance/proposals/19)

We track activity and are active governance participants across all of the protocols we support. We support protocol teams and foundations to develop policy and governance functionality prior to launch and post launch.

Here is our address: 0xfE78617EC612ac67bCc9CC145d376400f15a82cb


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Hi I would like to be added to the whitelist please


Thank you.

I’d like to apply for the whitelisting. I’ve been an active user of the Lido protocol, gradually moving more of my ETH until I was 100% in stETH (barring token amounts left for gas). I’ve also been evangelizing liquid staking of ETH with my network in the Far East, and I’m advising a group of high net worths/family offices to commence their crypto allocation by participating in Ethereum staking, which could eventually reach 6-7 figures.

I had already referred under the old program, but will be switching referral wallets since Deversifi doesn’t support WalletConnect and I had difficulty redeeming there. Please let me know how to provide my wallet details if/when I’m approved.

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Hey Lido Team
I 'd like to request from you to whitelist my wallet address for Lido referral:

I am a crypto content creator and I love being part of this community and help out with the crypto adoption and education.
I intend to make use of the Lido referral program by long term staking, since this is my Ledger hardware wallet and I won’t be touching any of the ETH any time soon and of course by creating educational content on my channel and spreading the word.

Here are a few of my links:

Thank you

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Cool! It would be helpful to know if there is any special info space where you are going to promote Lido and any potential integration that could be helpful there.
This guide represents few options of how whitelisted referrals could integrate the Lido referral program (by embedded widget or banner-link or directly using smart-contract).

Please also provide the referral address that you’d like to use (it’s even better if this address already had a referral/staking history with Lido).

@MineDeFi I see you liked my post. I just want to let you know that I changed the previous address. The correct one was changed in the original post.

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I am an investor interested in and investing in blockchain in Korea.

I am an Administrator in a Telegram group called “Coin”.

There are about 19,000 subscribers here, and I have recommended staking about 20 Ethereums in Lido Finance so far. (The address on my telegram is: Telegram: Join Group Chat)

But suddenly, the reward was not received, and I did not receive the referral reward of 13 ethereum.

And I found out later that there was a whitelist application like this.

Please help me introduce and promote Lido Finance with more information to others.

My wallet address is 0xC9BFc7156175c96ebeB31E09694CF49DdB963944.

And I wonder if it’s possible to claim a reward for 13 Ethereum.

Background information

I am a local educator, teaching blockchain technology and crypto for over 3 years. Also a local crypto expert in newspaper and media. I run my own ETH2 validator from genesis.

and i have prev some LIDO already gained from the referral link

I will try to spread the words for LIDO as staking 32ETH plus a validator node is not easy for non-tech people.

addr: 0x5d30EA6d8EB2b0C2Fa58B0Df9d023CcecA847893

Thank you

I would like to whitelist the following address: 0x54cCd9baeDE41acaFC4C90cE08836962EB84CA62

I’m just an ordinary staker. I encourage a lot ot people to be involved in crypto in this momentous time of disruption.

Hello I’d like to be whitelisted. I have been an ETH holder since 2016 and often refer to friends and coworkers. Now I’m referring these people to use Lido to stake and get some passive interest. I had my first set of referrals last week and have about 5 other people interested. Please whitelist me, you won’t regret it.

Wallet: 0xDccc5094404422cD48CD7AfA95b618fE0Cd3d0Fe


I’d kindly request to be whitelisted. ETH has been my favorite currency from the start and I intend to long-term store & stake it.

Wallet: 0xff7Df2d0fDB214cdA334dB7DDE2b4550ED75aE4f

Love the project and I will definitely recommend Lido to all my crypto friends. Thanks a lot!

I’d like to be whitelisted.

I am the author of Blocktrend ( ), the biggest crypto subscription media in Taiwan. I also host a podcast called 區塊勢 as the most popular podcast in Taiwan’s Apple podcast Tech category.

I also wrote an intro about Lido in my media and recommend subscriber to try and stake it. ( Lido:讓收益翻倍的抵押挖礦服務 - by 許明恩 - 區塊勢 )

This is my wallet address: 0x36F322fC85B24aB13263CFE9217B28f8E2b38381
Want to use this referral link to update my blog post. Thanks a lot!

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