Referral Program Whitelisting [Solana]

The goals of the Lido Referral Program on Solana are to boost Lido growth on Solana by integrations with top wallets/protocols, to bring effortless liquid staking benefits to the users, and to contribute to the decentralization of the Solana network through spreading your stake across a diversified pool of quality validators.

The whitelisted referral partners get rewards for their referees holding at least 10 stSOL in any supported way (including LP tokens) for at least 50 days. The maximum reward is 1% payback from the staked amount which would be allocated for the 50 days of holding the full amount.

For more information on the program, please visit

Only whitelisted partners can participate in the Referral Program and earn rewards (ideal candidates are wallets/protocols with reputation, volume and an active user base).

Becoming a Referral Partner

To propose a candidate for referral whitelisting, please complete the referral form. All applications will be reviewed on a weekly basis and approved partners will be shared in this thread.


I’d prefer proposing candidates for whitelisting to be on a public media. It’s more transparent and censorship-resistant.

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