Referral Program Whitelisting [Ethereum]

Hello! I stake ETH with LDO through my Ledger and would like to be whitelisted for the referral program. I have convinced several of my friends to also stake with LDO and truly believe in the project. I tell everyone I can about how easy it is to stake and how many more options they’ll have in the future with LDO. I hope I can continue to be a good advocate for LDO while receiving a small reward for my efforts from the referral program! I’d prefer to provide a wallet address in a non-public post, but can verify anything you need with a quick message. Thank you very much!

Whitelisting mode is started from 13 Sept, all previous received rewards having a standard flow.
I see that you that you have 262 LDO to be transferred at the eow and 299 LDO already transferred to DeversiFi for the previous period. This case is more for support channels )

Hello, I’d like to be whitelisted. I have been in crypto since 2016 and intend to refer friends and people from my network. I want to help people how to participate in securing the network and get gains on their ETH. I see the LIDO token as a form of compensation for handholding people when they learn about staking and set up their staking accounts.

Wallet: 0x1C5EB68630cCd90C3152FB9Dee3a1C2A7201631D

Lido referral program is now focused on partnerships with organizations or individuals with a proven track record and reputation, able to bring the best quality referees into Lido.
The same rules (described in terms & conditions still apply to referees of white-listed referrals. Breaking the rules results in denied referral rewards and excluding referral from the referral program.
Referral who promotes staking with Lido need to make the potential referees aware of key rules of the referral program:

  • No cycle staking (using the same amount of ETH multiple times by converting stETH back to ETH and staking it again);
  • No removing liquidity from stETH/ETH pools (as it’s affecting price peg);
  • No providing one side liquidity to stETH / ETH pools with liquidity mining programs (such as Curve, Balancer, SushiSwap). Balanced stETH / ETH liquidity mining is very welcome.
  • No other actions that are directly or indirectly affecting the ETH:stETH peg.

Figment (blockchain infrastructure and services provider) is definitely welcome to whitelist.


I would like to whitelist the following address: 0xb9Ac528Eb28ADfBFb3abCCc5b1D26f5A046cac11

I’m just an ordinary staker that was referred to Lido buy the crypto tips team. I am staking using my Ledger Live. I encourage a lot of people to be involved in crypto in this time of disruption. I am in the process of starting up my own educational channel where I would be spreading the word about Crypto. I would love to be able to leave my ETH on here if you guys would have me. Thank you

As mentioned above, the referral program is currently aiming at integrations with wallets and protocols but we still could give a shot with some selected educators, experts and ambassadors of ETH staking, who are welcome to bring good quality referees aboard (respecting the rules of the referral program).

Candidates for white-listing:


Hey Lido Team
I would appreciate it if you whitelisted my address:


Platform name - Wealth Tip

Background information - I started my youtube channel to educate people on how to use different DeFi protocols.

How you intend to make use of the Lido referral program- I’ve made tutorials on how to migrate ETH through Lido to the Terra ecosystem (ETH > stETH > bETH). They’re some of my more popular videos! I will also be covering stSOL soon.

Whitelisting would really support the channel! Here are some of the videos going over Lido and stETH


Dear Lido-Team,

I am the founder of the and the
Im a student at ESCP Business School that launched a DeFi project/fund that does consulting for companies and also runs a DeFi fund for stablecoin investments.

We already have at least one partner with 5 million $ worth of eth that is interested in staking it on your platform.

i would appreciate it a lot, if you would whitelist our wallet.

thank you and have a nice day

This is our wallet

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The list of the referrals whitelisted this week:

  • @emerick @Figment : 0xfE78617EC612ac67bCc9CC145d376400f15a82cb
  • MatrixPort: 0x16edF128b9E2eB0993002DfDa4ba7294c2f7F94F
  • @P0sidoni4 : address to be provided
  • @CoinSutra : 0x6FfE90a6B0E6Ed5398e5ae58367e20Fd2E26CBF8
  • @Seunggil : 0xC9BFc7156175c96ebeB31E09694CF49DdB963944
  • @ASTRO-HSU : 0x36F322fC85B24aB13263CFE9217B28f8E2b38381
  • @Caleb_TWT : 0x93BC41E90A56A2B69Db6f1A4b39b0a90B260a2d3

need your address for whitelisting

Hi Nikolai, thanks for accepting my whitelisting: My referral link was, Stake with Lido | Lido associated with my account: 0x540f0169768BB8a2fC2dCE6cbD031E78345fe436


I would like to apply for whitelisting for this wallet:

I am a normal investor interested and committed to the future of ethereum. I am an amateur Youtuber related to music and plan to bring NFT’s to my electronic music creation and will obviously tie into the Lido ecostystem. Thanks!

Dear LIDO team, I would like to apply for the whitelist and the reward program. I am a crypto enthusiast and am about to become a youtuber for the German crypto sector. Since I have now helped many people to stake their ETH, I would be delighted if I could join you in the reward system in return.
My ETH ADDRESS: 0xbF9edBA33f3E1e874590E21E3DD37807faF669af
Thank you and all the best David

Applying for whitelisting: 0x46018E2dC844757F26aB5efDf6970496511c839B

We are enthusiastic investors in the Lido project. We have purchased Lido for our portfolio; staked ETH and SOL via Lido; provided liquidity in both the Ethereum and Solana ecosystems and been participating in voting.

We love being part of the community on this innovative, high growth project. We work in fintech and have been recommending Lido to friends, family and colleagues (received referral rewards on 2 occasions so far) and will continue to do so.

HI LIDO team,

I’d like to request from you to whitelist my wallet address for lido referral:
I’m just an ordinary staker ,I have been an ETH holder since 2018.I encourage most of my friends, family and coworkers to be involve in crypto.
I didn’t receive the referral reward of 10.84 ETH and i wonder if its possible to claim a reward for my ETH.
Thank you.

Hello, my name is Benjamin and I lead the investments team at Digital Asset Advisors. We are a network of US-based investment advisors helping high net worth clients and family offices gain exposure to defi. We have selected Lido as our partner of choice to offer ETH staking to the clients of our network. We request permission to whitelist one of our DAO addresses to participate in the referral program.

Also, it was nice to meet some of your team at ETHcc in Paris. You all are awesome!

I would like to apply for whitelisting:


I am a web3 developer. I have completed two hackathon projects: NFT Words and Sprout, with both winning pool prizes. While these featured NFTs and decentralized social media, respectively, future projects will be DeFi focused and I think that integrations with Lido for liquid staking could be a core feature as part of a collection of features designed to gradually hand-hold tradfi users as they transition to the world of DeFi. The ETHOnline hackathon has just started and I need to finalize the project specifics soon. I think that the LIDO referral program would be a good fit for my “front end for new DeFi users” idea. Thank you for the consideration.


Hi Lido team,

applying to be white listed for: 0x546153771B85bc02F6a206bcfdB61DBD822Ce101

We are crypto enthusiasts, and active in many crypto communities in Asia. Just invested in LIDO and looking forward to sharing the great news about LIDO to all our crypto communities and friends in here Asia.

We will also be launching our own crypto youtube channel soon, so stay tuned.


Ledger nanox stake eth / Seth

Pls add me to whitelist