Fund DeversiFi for the first referral program payouts

Referral program has seen even more activity than we’ve anticipated just before the closing of the first reward period. The estimation for the payout was around 250 000 LDO, and the actual numbers made up to 347,679.0024 LDO, bringing Lido extra 24,764.35017 ETH in stake.

The reward payouts are performed through the DeversiFi platform. While striving to get our users the referral bonuses asap, Lido ops team lacked the funds to do so right ahead. The DeversiFI team offered their help in making payouts just in time and was kind enough to wait for the next omnibus vote happening this Thursday, Aug 5 to receive the rest of the payout amount.

We propose to send the outstanding 97680 LDO to finance ops multisig 0x48F300bD3C52c7dA6aAbDE4B683dEB27d38B9ABb for the funds to be transferred to the DeversiFi.