Grants in web 3.0: Analysis, Reach & Impact (Lido & LEGO focussed)

Using LEGO txs data, well thanks to @Alex_L for his support I am able to post this report about grants funded by Lido DAO.

DAOs are self-governing organizations that are not beholden to any central authority. They are often involved in providing services that are typically the responsibility of sovereigns, such as setting monetary policy, defence of the network etc. Top 10 DAOs/entities holds more than $17 bn in their respective treasuries and have dedicated grant programs funding causes & projects that benefits them & the whole ecosystem. Lido which is a leading staking provider with more than $280 mn in treasury reserves has distributed approx $7 mn in grants directly & through its grant program LEGO. Most of the funded projects are supervised largely by the council members & the community. Close to 200 unique projects/initiatives are funded by the LEGO program across 9 quarters starting from Q2-2021. Unlike a sovereign state which funds its grant programs in their national currency, LIDO has funded almost 33% of grants in their reserve currency i.e. LDO and rest in DAI & other tokens at the request of grantees.

LIDO Treasury Reserves
Total Unique Grants _ 189
Share of value allocation to each cateory


Link to the long form is here. Looking forward for feedback from the community :slightly_smiling_face: