Head of Marketing and Community Proposal


A proposal to engage a Head of Marketing and Community for Lido, including proposed duties, compensation and incentive awards.


This role will drive the marketing team by aligning with company growth vision and marketing needs.

Objectives & Responsibilities

  • Drive revenue by increasing sales through marketing activities.
  • Create a marketing strategy that achieves those profit, product, and growth goals through a range of marketing functions and activities.
  • Drive ROI generating content marketing + customer journey strategies.
  • Use data and metrics to make evidence-based decisions.
  • Keep users front and centre in the design and implementation of solutions.
  • Determine OKRs and manage the performance of the marketing functions.
  • Track campaign and activity metrics on a regular basis and present reports.
  • Maintain and report on marketing budgets.
  • Work with other project teams to maximise marketing-related outcomes.
  • Build relationships and networks in the community, including visible influences in the DeF space.
  • Act as a mentor to the marketing team.


The proposed compensation for Head of Marketing and Community has two components:

  1. Cash compensation of $16,666.67 per month, payable in DAI from the Lido DAO.
  2. Token options payable in LDO from the Lido DAO, structured to vest over three years. The option calculation is, as follows:

(Annual wage*k)/min(1d LDO TWAP, 30d LDO TWAP), where:

  • “k” - coefficient within 0.5 - 2.5 range, will be defined via the Leadership Team (as defined below) voting after the end of probation period
  • 30d LDO TWAP is 1.817752 as per 2022/03/13
  • 1d LDO TWAP Price is 2.297367 as per 2022/03/13

1/3 LDO will be vested on the 12-month anniversary of continuous service to the Lido DAO; and 1/36 LDO will be vested upon completion of each subsequent month of continuous service to the Lido DAO.

The service-based vesting outlined above represents a contingency for each of the described periods; thus, if the individual quits or is terminated before completing the first 12 months of service, they would have earned no LDO. If they quit or terminated during month 13, they would have earned 1/3rd of the total possible LDO but would not have earned the rest of their potential LDO grant. There are no further lockups on fully vested LDO (i.e., once they vest in some # of LDO, they can sell that # of LDO at any time).

Leadership Team

The leadership team, for purposes of voting on the k-coefficient, shall consist of:

  • Isidoros Passadis, Master of Validators
  • Jacob Blish, Business Development Lead
  • Vasiliy Shapovalov, Lido DAO member
  • Konstantin Lomashuk, Lido DAO member

Probation Period

The probation period is 3 month starting from the date of proposal acceptance.


I wanted to drop a reply that this is an important priority for Lido at its current growth point in the market. Simply shipping and announcing new updates while great as a service provider leaves a bit to be desired in terms of culture and community feel at the DAO.

As Lido continues to move cross chain making sure that we have a curated campaign for each network will become increasingly important for the DAO. Each blockchain is essentially its own country with a unique set of terms, memes and culture that we need to address if we hope to grow both broadly and deeply. Localization is critically important in a multi-chain world imo.

I am excited to see Lido continue to grow and expand!


Hi, I agree with you very much that localization is very important.