Increase LDO rewards for stETH/ETH curve LPs

The curve peg is getting worse by the day and not many new stETH are being minted at all since its better for people to just convert eth > stETH rather than staking ETH on Lido.

If we increase LDO rewards for stETH/ETH curve LPs, it would solve the peg problem and also incentivize new ETH to be staked directly with Lido.

I propose we add another 5,000,000 LDO rewards to the remainder of this month’s curve LP rewards.

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The plan is to make new rewards on other uses of stETH so that
a) stETH is vacuumed from the pool improving the peg
b) the size of a pool is reduced leading to better incentives for those that stay

Increasing incentives on stETH/ETH pools runs counter to that plan and puts the emphasis on keeping stETH in an unproductive setting.

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