LDO token burning

On May 29, an offer was made to staking 20,000 ETH, which is $2 million per year. TMC-0: Stake all treasury ETH in Lido

As we know Lido DAO community does not burn LDO tokens, which can negatively affect the rate dynamics and investors, and total LDO offering is 1,000,000,000 coins, my proposal is as follows: every quarter burn tokens 50% or more of the proceeds of 20,000 eth staking

Reasonable voices may disagree: Our pov on this and similar proposals in the past is the same: the protocol is in early development stages and is consuming its surplus, so we see no pressing or rational need to return capital to LDO token holders. Indeed, we do not necessarily believe burning tokens is the best way to achieve this aim either.

Bigger picture, some form of a burn may well be a useful governance tool in the long-run. Until then, we believe LDO token holders should continue to optimize for protocol parameter choice, not try to ‘game the token price’ (which never works in practice incidentally).