LEGO: a proposal to continue the initiative for another year

Lido’s grant initiative - LEGO - has completed its first year! In this post we will summarize the main achievements of the first year and propose the continuation of the initiative for another year.

What is LEGO?

LEGO - the Lido Ecosystem Grants Organisation - is a framework by the Lido DAO to fund initiatives which help benefit and grow the Lido ecosystem. It is designed as a straightforward process through which external contributors can seamlessly gather the funding and resources required to act on their concepts.

By rewarding talent early with developer incentives, bounties, and infrastructure support, LEGO acts as a catalyst for growth and helps to maintain Lido as a leading and most useful liquid staking protocol in the whole space.

You can learn more about LEGO and apply for funding by visiting

What have we achieved?

The previous year for LEGO was dynamic and full of diverse proposals and changes in our team. The LEGO committee grew in number and the grants provision tempo increased to match this.

Below are some of the most prominent proposals which received support:

And this list continues with a huge number of other satisfied proposals which all collaborate on making the staking community grow. You may find more details in our quarterly LEGO reports in the corresponding pages on which we will continue to publish with each quarter passed.

Next steps

To continue the growth of LEGO and to continue positive dynamics we propose:

  • To continue the program for another year.
  • Introduce quarterly LEGO budget management via Easy Track motions (in case of any requests for over budgeted grants - proposals at research forum followed by Snapshot voting).
  • Continue publishing quarterly reports for better transparency and accountability
  • Snapshot voting to be held from 20th till 24th of June and, if successful, Easy Track motion to be created for LEGO’s multisig wallet top up for another quarter of operation.

For more information on proposals shared with LEGO, visit


Needless to say, as a LEGO person I’m strongly in favour of continuing the program =)


I’m a LEGO person myself as well and I can only emphasize the value LEGO is adding to Lido and the whole ecosystem. I’m very biased, but I strongly believe LEGO should continue!


The snapshot for continuing LEGO is in: Snapshot

Thanks to everyone who participated in Snapshot voting! With 54M ldo voted “yes” LEGO is to continue for the 2-nd year.