LEGO Grants - Stake/Unstake ETH on LIDO with a prompt and the creation of a LIDO kb


  1. About Brian
  2. Current stage: Public Beta
  3. Grant description
  4. Team

1 - About Brian

Brian is a versatile AI agent exposing a set of APIs that enables users to interact with Web3 by providing textual prompts to execute various Web3-related actions, such as “Can you swap 10 usdc for eth on Ethereum?”

The Brian App, built on top of Brian APIs, offers users an interface for performing transactions in a non-custodial way, researching web3 info, and deploying smart contracts by prompt.

Anything you can do on the Brian App can be integrated into your application by simply using one API. Read more on the Brian API docs.

2 - Current stage: Public Beta

Brian was born during the ETHPrague Hackathon (first bounty prizes from Taiko, AAVE, Gnosis, The Graph and in June 2023 and is currently in Public beta - launched on 26th February and that will last for around 5 months.

Users can perform the following actions:

  • research info with a prompt on our public knowledge base consisting of docs from the most popular blockchains and protocols (eg. “Explain how LIDO works”);
  • send transactions with a prompt on every EVM-compatible mainnet, sidechain or L2 (eg. “Stake 1 eth on LIDO on Ethereum”);
  • generate Solidity code and deploy it on every EVM-compatible mainnet, sidechain or L2 (eg. “Code an ERC-20 token named BrianAI with a supply of 10000”);
  • Coming soon: research on-chain data on The Graph subgraphs with a prompt (eg. “What are the 5 Uniswap pools with the highest TVLs?”).

We have reached these numbers since the start of the Private Beta (started in November and closed in February) and during the Public Beta (started in February).

  • 546 whitelisted addresses
  • 10.000 total prompts, divided in:
    • 3700 research information prompts
    • 5450 transaction prompts
    • 800 code generation prompts
    • 50 subgraphs prompts

On 10th January we also launched the APIs and around 50 unique addresses started implementing our APIs. Of these 50 unique addresses, we have direct contacts with around 10 projects that are integrating one or more of our features.

3 - Grant description

The Brian team is requesting 5k dollars from the LEGO committee for the following activities:



Creation of the “LIDO” knowledge base, available both on the Brian app and through Brian api. On this custom-built kb we can add specific docs, articles, github repos, etc., and users will be able to ask questions like “give me an ELI5 version explanation of LIDO”, “what are the differences between LIDO and Rocket Pool?” etc.

You can already ask some questions about LIDO here on the Brian app.

We are going to build a kb vertical on the LIDO space, while at the moment there a couple of articles in the “Public Knowledge Base”, that is a general kb with a very good overview of the entire market.

Stake/Unstake ETH on LIDO

Development of deposit (stake) and withdraw (unstake) actions to interact with LIDO protocol. The goal is to allow users to perform these operations by writing the prompt in many different ways (eg. “Stake my eth on lido”, “Deposit 1 eth on lido finance”, “Bridge 1 eth to ethereum and then stake 0.5 eth on lido”).

The development involves:

  • dataset creation (users and artificial prompts) for deposit (stake) and withdraw (unstake) actions
  • fine-tune of a GPT model with deposit (stake) and withdraw (unstake) actions dataset and prompt engineering operations for optimizing the model performance (eg. few shots and chain-of-thought)
  • Adding the deposit (stake) and withdraw (unstake) actions on the Brian API using Enso finance to interact with the LIDO protocol and for real-time quotes. Initially the withdrawal will go through a steth-eth swap under the hood so that we do not have to wait for the 1/5-day withdrawal period.

At this point, the deposit (stake) and withdraw (unstake) actions are available on the API and App.

This is not available on the Brian app yet, we are testing the integration internally.

The same operation can be executed starting from a token other than eth such as usdc. The prompt “Deposit 100 usdc on lido protocol on ethereum” will automatically convert usdc to eth and then deposit to lido protocol.

The deposit (stake) and withdraw (unstake) prompts can be used via:

  • single prompts → eg. “Deposit 1 eth on lido on ethereum”
  • multiple prompts → eg. “bridge 1 eth from arbitrum to ethereum and then deposit 0.5 eth on lido on ethereum”, leveraging the power of prompt to transaction composability

Payment schedule:

  • 50% at the beginning of the first task (eta: May 1st)
  • 50% in one month (eta: end of May)

Payment method:

  • Coin: DAI on Ethereum or Arbitrum (preferred)

Address (Arbitrum multi-sig): 0x129B480AD625bcD1A5c3A1C10d708114726Fa467

4 - Team

The Brian founders team is an excellent mix of web3 and AI skills:

  • Matteo D’Andreta - Web3 BD and PM (6+ years in web3)
  • Paolo Rollo - Full Stack Dev and R&D specialist (6+ years in R&D, web3 and AI)
  • Francesco Cirulli - Smart Contract dev and PM (6+ years in web3)
  • Marcello Politi - Deep Learning Scientist (3+ years in AI)
  • Federico Giancotti - Data Analyst
  • Filippo Galuccio - Investment Manager

I think it’s pretty cool! My intuition is LLMs are not ready to be good translators to blockchain irreversible financial txs yet, but I think it’s worth a try. This proposal had been +1’d and I’ll be funding it when there’s an address on Ethereum mainnet.