LEGO: Q2 2022 report

The second quarter of 2022 has come to an end and it’s time to share a report on LEGO’s achievements for this period.

Quick reminder on what LEGO is

LEGO - the Lido Ecosystem Grants Initiative - is a framework by the Lido DAO to fund initiatives which help benefit and grow the Lido ecosystem. It is designed as a straightforward process through which external contributors can seamlessly gather the funding and resources required to act on their concepts.

By rewarding talent early with developer incentives, bounties, and infrastructure support, LEGO acts as a catalyst for growth and helps to maintain Lido as a leading and most useful liquid staking protocol in the whole space.

You can learn more about LEGO and apply for funding by visiting .

Overview Quarter 2

The second quarter of 2022 saw a number of exciting developments of LEGO, including:

  • Quarterly budget refill was moved to Easy track motions to optimize funding process;
  • Compensations for audit of Lido smart contracts, Lido-on-X, and other expenses, more on that in LEGO Q2 2022 report;
  • Compensations of expenses related to Devconnect event which were due to pay before RCC foundation;
  • Lido joined Messari Hub in an effort to further improve knowledge about liquid stacking opportunity with Lido. Messari prepared a special report, recommended for reading;
  • 2-nd part of grant to Blockscience for DAO Vulnerabilities report;
  • Lido became a Ministry level sponsor of Dawn DAO - the organization to increase collaboration of DAOists across the globe;
  • Grant to Aztec to offer users cheap and private deposits into Lido via ZK rollup.

By the end of this period 532k LDO were allocated to LEGO initiatives (338k LDO of them were compensations of security audits additionally approved at Snapshot voting, which are vital for proper operation of the protocol). Grants total net of these compensations therefore amounted 194k LDO or 65% of budget fulfillment. Please see full overview in LEGO Q2 2022 report.

For more information on proposals shared with LEGO, visit .