LEGO: Top Up LEGO Wallet with 300,000 LDO

A proposal to top up the LEGO wallet with 300,000 LDO (approx. 600,000 USD), needed for covering expenses related to bug bounties, event coordination, and more. The LEGO treasury wallet is currently near empty, blocking the funding of a number of important initiatives.

As always, no funds will be spent without further proposals + voting, but a refill is needed to act as a buffer and to allow LEGO to function as intended.

Allocation of LEGO Treasury Funds

Since the beginning of 2022, LEGO treasury funds have been spent on a number of initiatives including:

  • Increasing the scope of the LEGO Council and Committee, providing more individuals with a personal LEGO allocation.
  • The previously ended Rabbithole campaign, which helped drive more than 4% of all time stETH deposit addresses.
  • Bug bounties.

The proposal to allocate more funds to the LEGO treasury will work to fund a number of initiatives, including:

  • Audits (e.g. Lido-on-X) (approximately $300,000 needed).
  • DevConnect event presence (approximately $100,000 needed).
  • Bounties via ImmuneFi (approximately $200,000 needed).

In case of questions or concerns, please share your feedback in the comments below. A 7-day Snapshot vote will follow, after which (pending successful vote) funds will be distributed to the LEGO Multisig.

More information on LEGO is available at


It’s the first quarter LEGO runs out of budget — I’d say that’s a good sign, as there’s more activity around Lido grants & more things community pushes for we can fund and see to be implemented.


Agree. LEGO should become a powerful tool of the dao going forward.

@kethfinex Does this include budget for new potential grantees?

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Fully support this just have one question – is the $300K estimate just a placeholder or are there already planned security assessments that make up this number or some portion of it? I understand that each of these will require its own vote, but i’d appreciate any color you can provide on the “lido on x” engagements that are informing this number if thats the case

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Meaning new projects / dApps that apply for a LEGO grant