LIDO-1 funding and diversification

Given the budget allowance under LIDO-1, authorized signatories for PML and ATC will be executing motions to transfer DAI from the Lido treasury to their wallets, where they may subsequently exchange DAI to other tokens, provided the exchange rate is favorable, in order to facilitate operational continuity. This is separate to any discussions and proposals that could emerge from these recent treasury proposal discussions.

Both PML and ATC operators have proposed allocations within USDT, USDP, GUSD and LUSD for the time being for consideration. One example idea is 60% USDT, 40% USDP, to move to stablecoins uncorrelated to USDC and still usable for operational purposes. However, PML and ATC operators are open to active discussion during the Easy Track period. No DAI would be in principle retained simply because Aragon is overallocated to it already. If exchange rates were to turn unfavorable, or transactional slippage were to prove costly (in excess of 1%) operators would continue to hold DAI.

Funding needs will be supplied for the following month and a half as approved under LIDO-1, and the excess will be returned to the Aragon treasury at the end of the budget period (end of April).

Withdrawal requests up to a maximum limit of 6.9m DAI will be executed, which completes the total allowable amount authorized under LIDO-1, minus the currently spent amount.

These motions can be objected to with your wallet containing LDOs at ET UI, here we will attach links to created motions for the ease of access:

Motion 350 (PML)
Motion 349 (PML)
Motion 348 (PML)


Thanks. Makes sense. Helpful call out that its distinct from treasury discussion.