Lido Execution Client Grant

This week, the Ethereum Foundation announced it had reached out to various projects building on Ethereum to raise funds for execution-layer (a.k.a. eth1) client teams.

To keep the fundraising simple, the EF asked for a yes/no commitment for a 250,000$ grant which would be equally distributed across all client teams (Besu, Erigon, Geth, Nethermind, and Nimbus) [0].

When the EF started working on this initiative several months ago, I put them in touch with some Lido contributors, who agreed this would be a good way for Lido to contribute back to Ethereum.

The funds will help support Ethereum’s diverse client teams, all of which have signalled their desire to move forward with merging the Beacon Chain with the execution layer.

According to LEGO guidelines, the size of this grant (Mountain) means approval must go through the regular governance process.

I personally think this is a valuable public good to contribute to as it is the piece of software that literally makes Ethereum run, which Lido obviously benefits from :grin:

[0] Note: for simplicity, funds would be sent to the EF which would then route them to each client team.