Lido Node Operator & Validator Metrics

In general, client diversity and specifically validator client diversity is an important aspect of decentralization and resilience of the Ethereum network, and a lot of work has been conducted by various teams to attempt to depict the current situation of the network, including: stereum’s client diversity watch, Michael Sproul’s fingerprinting work, Miga Labs’ great insights based on their network crawler, and ChainSafe’s nodewatch.

As both a part of our commitment to decentralization, as well as our efforts to identify and minimize risk related to validator operators, Lido is happy to publish its first node and validator metrics report. Lido has set out to:
(a) identify its current node and validator client footprint on the network, and
(b) together with our NOs and the community, align on targets and steps to achieve these targets in the medium term (6-12 months).

Aside from goals related to client diversity, we will work towards making the data gathering and reporting process more robust, and are looking for community feedback & support to:

  • Expand our reporting to other networks that Lido is present on (e.g. Terra, Solana)
  • Expand the reported metrics based on what the greater community finds useful
  • Improve the data gathering process and increase the frequency of data reporting
  • Make data more easily available

If you have any input on any of the above, you’re welcome to share either here or on our Discord!

Lido Ethereum Node and Validator Metrics Q4 '21
The report was assembled based on point in time data gathered from Lido Ethereum Node Operators during October 2021. The data was self-submitted by the Node Operators.


Thank you, that is great work!

Agreed, thank you for this @Izzy, great stuff!

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Happy to see Lido leading the pack publishing numbers like this :clap:


This is so good. It helps us think through how we are contributing to diversity. Also, helps us factor in what internal tasks we would need to prioritize to strengthen Lido and Ethereum.


great work on the report!

Happy to see Lido publishing client distribution numbers!