Lido on Ethereum: Call for Relay Providers

Does manifold also filter the transactions from OFAC sanctioned addresses. If not, its really important to consider manifold for lido node providers given that all rest of providers are not censorship resistant.


Great question, you can find our policy on content moderation and filtering here: Network Filtering and Policies | Manifold Finance Knowledgebase

Short answer: no
long answer: still no.


Hi Everyone,

Happy Merge Day! and thanks for taking the time to review and consider our proposition.

We are excited to present the Eden Relay to the Lido community and support the Lido community with a reliable relay.

Eden operates an MEV-Boost-compatible relay (Eden Relay) supported by its own first-party block builders and in the near future will allow third party builders to connect and transmit through the relay.

Key bullets :

  • Publicly available – :ok:!

  • Publicly listed & maintained –:ok:!

  • Open source – :ok:! [Clickable link to library will be added in replies]

  • Fully transparent transaction/block proposal flow. No censorship except that of which is required by law – :ok:! See below for more details.

    • Eden Relay provides blocks with transactions/bundles prepared by our own Eden Block Builder that is set up to always ensure regulatory compliance and respect all applicable regulations, including the OFAC sanction list (meaning no wallet addresses allowed through if they have been registered on the OFAC list).
    • All third party builders supplying transactions/bundles will need to accept ToS that disallow them to share transactions/bundles that have been sanctioned by OFAC (This will be enforced and penalized by removal/blacklisting of block builder if detected).
    • Eden Network is fully committed to transparency. Eden Relay supports data transparency via Data API endpoint as described in the official Relay API spec: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Our Eden Relay is running and ready for validators to start registering. You can find more details and instructions on how to connect to our relays at:

Ethereum Mainnet:


Clients supported:

  • Lighthouse, ready
  • Prysm, ready
  • Teko, ready - documentation will be added soon
  • Nimbus, ready - documentation will be added soon
  • Lodestar, ready - documentation will be added soon

We look forward to working together with the Lido community on what we believe will be very exciting times for the Ethereum community as a whole.

Feel free to reach out on our discord channels or DM’s with any questions or comments.

Thank you.


Link to our relay library on github : GitHub - eden-network/mev-boost-relay


Hey everyone. Gnosis just announced a new relay: it is a simple fork of the flashbots relay that does not apply any block filtering.

  1. publicly available,
    yes, check out:
  2. publicly listed & maintained,
    public announcement:
  3. open source:
    github. com/gnosis/mev-boost-relay
  4. filtering
    no filtering

Right now Agnosic Relay is only available on mainnet. A goerli version will come soon.


Hi, I’m Alex from the team. Last week we announced our permissionless and neutral relay with the goal of helping improve relay diversity.


We’re very excited about the prospect of onboarding Lido node operators to our relay, as it would perfectly fit our mission to act as a public good in the ecosystem.

  1. Publicly available :white_check_mark:
    Our relay is open to all
  2. Publicly listed and maintained :white_check_mark:
  3. Open source :white_check_mark:
    We are running flashbots/mev-boost-relay for the relay and relayooor/go-ethereum for block validators
  4. No filtering :white_check_mark:
    We do not apply any block filtering

Hey Alex, welcome! I’ve bumped your user trust level, please check if you can now edit the links into your post. Great to hear that the relay is already available on Goerli. I will add the details to the OP and Lido node operators can start testing it out on Goerli!


Thanks Izzy :partying_face:. That was fast :clap:.

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Hi, The Aestus relay team would like to offer up our relay for your consideration. Aestus is a neutral, non-censoring block relay that developed out of conversations between members of the EthFinance and EthStaker communities who see the need to develop credibly neutral architecture for the Ethereum staking ecosystem.

Announcement: Introducing the Aestus Relay. The Aestus MEV-Boost Relay is a… | by Aestus Relay | Dec, 2022 | Medium
Website, w/ links to mainnet and Goerli relays:

  1. Publicly available: All connections are permissionless and connection URLs are publicly available.
  2. Publicly listed and maintained: See above links and our public Twitter.
  3. Open source: Fork of Flashbots’ mev-boost-relay and supporting utilities, all available under our Github organization.
  4. Filtering: None, more details in our announcement and on our website.

Will add more direct links if that becomes an option!


Update from the Agnostic relay team (cc @koeppelmann), their goerli relay is up and has been added to the OP.

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The RMC has reviewed the relays which have applied so far and come up with its first set of suggestions for codifying the existing relays in use and the new relays on mainnet.

Please check the post here!

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As mentioned in our discord announcement we are sunsetting our ethical relay due to the cross relay registration from over 99% of the registered validators losing the purpose of the relay.

We plan on doing a safe roll over for it so that there is zero down time to any validators or node operators but you are encouraged to remove the ethical relay from your mev-boost startup params.

For more information please check our discord announcement linked below.


Thanks Ben, really appreciate the update here.

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Thank you Ben for the heads up and taking steps for safe rollover.

The Relay Maintenance Committee will proceed with removing the Bloxroute Ethical relay from the vetted MEV Boost relay list in the coming days.


Hi, I’m Stephane, founder of Frontier Research.

Frontier Research is an independent research and advisory group formed to bridge the gap between fundamental research and commercial products. We build upon our expertise in MEV and blockchains to pull the future of crypto into reality.

I recently shared our manifesto, which you can read here to understand our ethos better:

Following on from the Faith Builder we are excited to announce our next adventure in the Transaction Supply Network is a mev-boost relay with the goal of improving relay diversity and innovating in this design space.

Our relay is currently in open beta and we would love to onboard Lido node operators to help test our relay on goerli and mainnet. We are experimenting with different deployments in order to maximize block value and minimize missed slots.

We look forward to presenting our relay at the upcoming Node Operators Community call on Tuesday 29 Aug.


After considerable internal debate and in consultation with our Board of Directors, effective Wednesday, September 27, 2023 8am PST Blocknative will suspend the Blocknative MEV-Boost Relay and associated Ethereum Block Builders.

The Blocknative Relay Data API will remain available for data downloads until October 4, 2023.

We do not anticipate this change disrupting Validators or other network operations. To avoid any error messages after September 27, please modify your configurations as follows:

  • The Blocknative Relay will return a 503 error with “no builder bid”.
  • Ensure your Validators are connected to multiple MEV-Boost Relays and have local building enabled.
  • Remove the Blocknative Relay from your Validator configurations.

We deeply appreciate your partnership and readiness to engage with our Relay over the past year. :saluting_face:

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Hey Laurence,

Thank you for the notification. It’s sad to hear that there’s a relay operator leaving the space, especially given blocknative’s efforts to maintain a separate codebase.

I will notify the relay maintenance committee as well to begin the on-chain transaction to remove the relay from the vetted relays list.

Will there be any full archive/snapshot of the Relay Data API data made available anywhere?

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Thank you Izzy!

Regarding the full archive/snapshot: Blocknative has no plan to maintain a full, shareable archive of the Blocknative Relay Data API. We are keeping our Data API instances running until October 4th to allow the community to scrap any data they think is relevant for themselves or future research purposes.

The Blocknative Relay has been removed from the vetted relays list by the RMC as the relay has been shut down, see: Lido on Ethereum: Call for Relay Providers - #24 by ldelisle_blocknative


Hey all, the bloXroute team has shared with you guys a few times about the validator gateway and we had some node operators asking for the green light from Lido to test it out.

Our validator gateway uses two components, a relay-proxy and a BDN hosted gateway. The relay-proxy acts as an additional relay on mev-boost/vouch startup arguments while the BDN gateway is a peer for the consensus and execution layers.

Here is the code for our relay proxy: GitHub - bloXroute-Labs/mev-relay-proxy
Here is the code for our BDN Gateway: GitHub - bloXroute-Labs/gateway
Here are the docs for the validator gateway: Validator Gateway - bloXroute Documentation
Here is more info about the validator gateway: Introducing the Validator Gateway: Boost Your Ethereum Validator Rewards - bloXroute

Please let me know if there is any information you need from us regarding this!